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ProfitBricks Selected by Neighborhood Pay Services to Bring Faster Cloud Performance and Real-Time Vertical Scaling to Cloud-based Automated Payments

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- ProfitBricks, the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) company that has completely reengineered the delivery of cloud computing, today announced that it has been selected by Neighborhood Pay Services (NPS), a financial service provider for the multifamily housing industry, to host the company’s cloud-based applications. NPS chose ProfitBricks to improve network reliability and performance speeds while reducing hosting costs almost by half. NPS hosts two applications in the cloud, one for renters and one for property owners/managers. The company also performs back-end financial analysis, analytics research and product testing in ProfitBricks’ cloud environment.

“Our network use spikes with payment cycles and during parts of the month when we are more research intensive,” said Richard Calmas, CEO, Neighborhood Pay Services. “The ability to scale processing power up and down with demand helps us build our data center around our business model, not around the technical limits of old servers, traditional data centers and month-to-month pricing policies. The added performance and reliability we receive are an unexpected bonus. We can now do more processing for less money, faster than we did with legacy cloud providers.”

“The need for by-the-minute scaling is common across most organizations that are transaction intensive,” said ProfitBricks Chief Executive Officer, U.S., Bob Rizika. “Financial services and retail are particularly vulnerable to the limitations of legacy cloud design and pricing models. We believe we’re bringing a new world of opportunity to those industries, and others, by rethinking and re-architecting cloud computing from the ground up.”

InfiniBand: Bringing Supercomputing Technology to Cloud Computing

Among many new technology firsts, ProfitBricks introduced an InfiniBand backed network to cloud computing, the same technology used in high performance computing. InfiniBand offers up to 80 Gbit network speed for users of the ProfitBricks cloud, more than four times the available speed from any other cloud provider. The result is dramatically faster data transfer to and from each server and storage node. Faster throughput is perfect for big data intensive applications, ultimately reducing costs for customers who can provision fewer CPU cores, memory and storage. More information about the first use of InfiniBand high performance cloud technology in the cloud can be found at

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ProfitBricks is a global cloud infrastructure provider with a new platform engineered from the ground up to solve many of the problems of 1st generation cloud platforms. ProfitBricks was founded in 2010 by Achim Weiss and Andreas Gauger, previous cofounders of 1&1, which is a majority part of United Internet AG (UDIRF, $3.9B Mkt Cap). With funding from the founders and United Internet, ProfitBricks has built the world’s first true virtual data center technology enabling flexible user defined instances with live vertical scaling capability, class leading cloud storage allotments– all with simple and transparent minute-based billing. Customers can deploy existing and new applications on the ProfitBricks public cloud, or design and build their own private cloud network– all without capital or the limitations, risk and overhead of traditional co-location and dedicated hosting solutions. Headquartered in Berlin Germany and Boston, MA, ProfitBricks is comprised of over 100 team members from 16 countries. More information is available at ProfitBricks website at

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