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Brookstone improves wine flavor in 60 seconds or less with Aero Full Bottle Wine Aerator

MERRIMACK, N.H., Oct. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Brookstone, the multichannel specialty retailer and product development company, introduced the Aero™ Full Bottle Wine Aerator, another innovation from the Brookstone Laboratory Design Team. Independently tested by wine experts at the Beverage Testing Institute, Aero improves wine with the press of a button in less than a minute.  Aero aerates wine by infusing a stream of air directly into the wine bottle, allowing the wine to breathe. Using Aero releases each wine's full flavor, aromas and bouquet.

The experts drink (and speak)

In a recent independent taste test, experts at the Beverage Testing Institute (BTI) preferred wines that were aerated by the Aero Full Bottle Wine Aerator compared to the same wines without aeration. The professional wine panel composed of top Chicago-area sommeliers and educators used popular red wines from three price tiers, in three separate flights, to conduct the evaluation. Across all price tiers, the Aero Full Bottle Wine Aerator improved the wine experience. Specifically, all wines had lower tannins and greater levels of smoothness and fruit character when compared to non-aerated samples.

The Aero aerator is recommended to improve users' enjoyment of a variety of wines regardless of price point. According to the Beverage Testing Institute, the Aero aerator allows for "smoother wine, richer fruit…bigger flavor." Using the Aero aerator is an excellent alternative to the process of aging red wines, especially for those without the time or climate-controlled space to do so. Based on the research, a 60-second aeration is suggested but BTI encourages users to experiment with 30-second aeration to find the right taste.

"We're thrilled with the results we've received from the Beverage Testing Institute," said Steve Schwartz, Brookstone vice president of merchandising and product development. "Our goal is to design and develop unique and innovative solutions that make our customers' lives better. The Aero aerator provides an elegant, fast solution to improve wine at any price.  We encourage everyone to use the Aero aerator, taste, and enjoy the difference."  

Bells and whistles, too

Beyond the great taste the Aero Full Bottle Wine Aerator delivers, it's compact, well designed and easy to use. Simply open the bottle of wine, lower the Aero Full Bottle Wine Aerator into the bottle and press the aeration button – once for 30-second aeration, twice for 60-seconds. Lights let you see it at work. There is even a shorter stem if you choose to aerate by the glass.

The Aero Full Bottle Wine Aerator is now available in Brookstone retail locations and online at for $49.99.

About Brookstone

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