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GlobalOptions Announces Strategic Partnership with International Fire and Investigations Consultants, Ltd.

ORLANDO, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- GlobalOptions, an international investigation firm providing innovative investigative solutions to the insurance industry, has formed a new strategic partnership with International Fire and Investigations Consultants Ltd. (IFIC Forensics), a United Kingdom forensic investigations firm, providing international forensic investigations for various insurance companies, loss adjusters, solicitors and multinational corporations.

As a strategic partner of GlobalOptions, IFIC Forensics is rapidly becoming the international leader of forensic insurance investigations. In the partnership between IFIC Forensics and GlobalOptions, IFIC Forensics will be addressing the needs of GlobalOptions vast international customer base. The partnership also emphasizes the commitment of both companies to help reduce the rising cost of insurance caused by insurance fraud, on a global level.

In addition to the strategic partnership between IFIC Forensics and GlobalOptions, Mr. Bobby Gracey, CEO of IFIC will be joining GlobalOptions Advisory Board. Mr. Gracey brings over 20 years of experience in developing counter fraud solutions, previously serving as the global Vice President of Counter Fraud solutions for Crawford and Company. Mr. Gracey additionally serves as Chairman of The Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters Anti-Fraud Committee. In his advisory capacity, Mr. Gracey will act as GlobalOptions’ strategic advisor to the UK insurance market.

"This alliance marks a milestone in United Kingdom's insurance investigation industry," said Frank Pinder, President and CEO of GlobalOptions. "This partnership brings together a wealth of knowledge from global experts in the fight against insurance fraud. Working together, we will be providing the best solutions to address fraud on multinational level."

"In my 20 years of experience fighting insurance fraud, I have never seen an investigation organization with the level of technology and breadth of services that GlobalOptions will bring to the UK and international markets," said Bobby Gracey, CEO of IFIC. "In addition to the experience of the GlobalOptions executive team, their bespoke technology was a key factor in my decision to develop this strategic partnership and join GlobalOptions Advisory Board.”

About International Fire and Investigations Consultants Ltd.

IFIC Forensics, headquartered in Glasow, Scotland founded in 1970 is an innovative and leading global forensic investigation organization providing professional cause and origin solutions in relation to fires and explosions in commercial, industrial and marine environments. In addition, IFIC, regularly provides expert court witness, on behalf of customers. IFIC provides coverage to the UK and international markets from locations in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Belfast and Dublin. For more information, visit

About GlobalOptions

GlobalOptions, Inc., headquartered in Orlando, FL, is the international leader in providing outsourced counter fraud and Special Investigative Unit solutions and a wide variety of investigative products and services to insurance carriers, multinational corporations, and third-party administrators. GlobalOptions provides quality field investigations, instantaneous access investigative information, comprehensive SIU programs, strategic anti-fraud planning, innovative educational courses, integrated Internet-based technologies and investigative consulting services. For more information, visit

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