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Atlassian Ships Major Updates to Distributed Version Control Products, Readies Enterprise for Massive Git Adoption

SAN FRANCISO & SYDNEY--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Atlassian, a leading provider of enterprise collaboration software for product development teams, today announced major updates to its two distributed version control products: Bitbucket, a cloud-based hosting service for software development projects using distributed version control systems; and Stash, an on-premise distributed version control system for teams that manage their code on-site, running on their existing infrastructure and within the protection of a company firewall. Together, Atlassian's new software offerings enable users and teams to easily migrate their code development efforts to Git, a distributed version control system (DVCS), and enjoy the benefits of increased team collaboration, innovation and code development speed.

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“DVCS is a once-in-a-decade revolution for developers and our newest releases of Bitbucket and Stash are leading the charge in the enterprise," said Scott Farquhar, Atlassian's co-founder and co-CEO. “Today’s rock star developers know that DVCS is a better way to build and manage source code, but scaling in the enterprise brings additional challenges. These new releases take the ugliness out of administering Git in the enterprise and give companies a competitive edge in building great software.”

A Tidal Wave Approaches: Distributed Code in the Enterprise

With 22,000 companies worldwide using Atlassian's products to help teams build better software, Atlassian is in the middle of an exploding "digital economy" driven by software innovation, where every company on the planet is becoming, in essence, a software company. Teams building software share and track three things: ideas, activity, and code. Atlassian’s product strategy focuses on this “three-legged stool:” with JIRA, the industry’s leading issue management software; Confluence, its enterprise collaboration software; and Atlassian's developer product portfolio that features Bitbucket and Stash. To remain competitive, companies like Best Buy, DHL, HBO GO, Intuit, The New York Times, Nordstrom, Orbitz, NASA, PayPal, Tesla, Verizon, and Zillow have embraced Atlassian’s new distributed source management products for faster team-based code development, sharing and hosting.

DVCS technologies like Git and Mercurial were created to help developers work on code using a peer-to-peer model whereby developers work on a complete copy of a codebase offline and synchronize changes both with each other and with a master copy simultaneously. DVCS is quickly replacing centralized version control systems such as Subversion by allowing developers to work faster and productively even when not connected to a network.

The Bitbucket and Stash releases shipping today cap a year of incredible momentum around enterprise DVCS, specifically Git, for Atlassian:

· SourceTree acquisition and growth: Atlassian acquired SourceTree, a native Mac client for Git and Mercurial DVCS systems, in 2011 and has grown its installs to more than 214,000. The SourceTree application is used by Bitbucket, Stash and GitHub users to manage replicated code repositories.

· Bitbucket growth: During the past few months, more than 20,000 teams in 204 countries have adopted Bitbucket to host and manage their Git and Mercurial source code.

· Stash launch for the enterprise: Stash, the premier on-site Git repository management system, shipped in May 2012 to great demand from enterprise teams looking to manage their Git source code behind the firewall.

Cloud-based Bitbucket Now Offers Killer User Interface, Code Review, JIRA Integration

Bitbucket features a complete overhaul to its user interface and experience, improving the speed and simplicity for users and teams to share and review code and track projects online. The service also introduced:

· In-line commenting across Pull Requests and change-sets, helping developers to easily review code and discuss changes they have made.

· New, seamless integration with JIRA, uniting developers and non-technical project members around the code and activity they track together as a team. Bitbucket offers unlimited private project hosting for all teams and pricing that scales with team size.

"We were living in 'SVN hell' with our own server until we discovered Bitbucket," said Jordi Torra, CTO of FXstreet, a global online trading portal. "Bitbucket's Pull Requests forever changed our development process with code review now conducted on a branch before being merged. The new in-line commenting feature also makes our software development process inherently more social, which means we make less mistakes and have more traceability."

Stash Adds Pull Requests and Code Review with Threaded Commenting

Stash's new release introduces two important improvements: Pull Requests and threaded commenting. Pull Requests are the modern way for developers working with distributed source to collaborate on code changes as a team, reviewing changes before those changes are "pulled" into the main codebase. Stash also added threaded commenting support for Pull Requests so developers can quickly discuss code changes before and after they are committed, further improving the accuracy and traceability of a constantly changing codebase.

"It's quite clear that the future of version control within the enterprise is DVCS - via Git," said Randall Ward, CEO of Appfire. "More than 80 percent of the Fortune 50 have Git initiatives underway, so the next big question then is how to manage, secure and scale the solution globally and cost effectively. Atlassian Stash addresses these challenges by adding an extra layer of enhancement to support Git in the enterprise - security, LDAP integration, access control and code collaboration."

Support and Availability

To accompany the new product launches, Atlassian introduced a DVCS microsite at to help developers and companies acquire time-saving tips and tricks about migrating to Git - the commands, workflows and the lessons learned from Atlassian's migration to Git. The new Bitbucket experience is available to all users online today. Bitbucket is free for five users and offers unlimited private repositories for all user accounts. Stash 1.3 is available today and offers a free 30-day trial. Atlassian's legendary support is available for both products.

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