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Clockwork's Asset Performance Management Platform Selected as Enterprise Solution by US Marine Corps

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Clockwork, a global leader of asset performance management solutions (APM), announced today that they have been awarded the Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC) contract, to provide predictive analytics in the delivery of product support, by the Assistant Commander for Acquisition Logistics and Product Support (AC ALPS).  MCSC will apply Clockwork's DEMAND® solution to evaluate the best choices in sustainment across the enterprise.  In his guidance to the Department of Defense, Dr. Ashton Carter, Deputy Secretary of Defense, explains that life cycle analysis is not a single point-in-time calculation, but rather an evolving, iterative process that addresses the changing data, environment, and operational outcomes of each system requiring an enterprise solution.


"MCSC ALPS is leading the way in DoD predictive analysis by combining the power of Clockwork's DEMAND with their organic analysis capabilities, and we are honored to be part of the comprehensive solution," stated Sean Connors, President and CEO of Clockwork.  "DEMAND will significantly help to identify inefficiencies and discover new sustainment options moving forward, to achieve desired levels of fleet performance at the lowest possible life cycle cost."

MCSC will rely on Clockwork's DEMAND solution to develop fleet availability targets that optimize fleet-wide repair parts inventory levels and maintenance workload based on the current condition of individual platforms, their future usage, and intended operating environment.  The Marine Corps recognizes the value of putting Big Data to work and instituted data processes to ease the collection and storage through campaigns like RFID and IUID, which generate enormous volumes of data for Marine Corps ground programs.  Clockwork delivers an Agile Data Warehouse together with DEMAND to convert this Big Data into clear actions that result in effectiveness and efficiency through its predictive analytics engine. 

"Over the past decade, Clockwork has worked with the Marine Corps uncovering a total future cost avoidance for DoD programs in excess of three billion dollars," stated Pat Connally, Vice President of Business Development at Clockwork.  "Our predictive analytics increased availability of complex, high-dollar cost combat fleets in order to overcome the challenges inherent in a fiscally constrained climate.  Specifically, MCSC has applied Clockwork predictive analytics and life cycle modeling of Marine Corps ground weapon systems to maximize performance of ground fleets and minimize operational and sustainment costs for the LAV, MTVR, AAV, M777, LVSR, M1A1, M9ACE, HMMWV, and MPC fleets."

About MCSC: MCSC serves as the Department of the Navy's systems command for Marine Corps ground weapon and information technology system programs.  MCSC programs equip and sustain Marine forces with full-spectrum, current and future expeditionary and crisis response capabilities. For more information visit

About Clockwork: Clockwork is a global leader of Asset Performance Management (APM) solutions that improve availability and reduce repair parts inventory and maintenance costs of capital intensive assets.  The company has years of experience serving the needs of the Aerospace and Defense, Energy, Heavy Machinery and Transportation industries by providing cutting edge solutions to help analyze their data, giving them visibility to each phase of an asset's life cycle, resulting in billions worth of savings.  For more information visit

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