Best-Selling Author Releases New Volume of Beloved Running Book

CHAMPAIGN, Ill., Oct. 9, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Runners are nuts. And, according to popular humor writer Bob Schwartz, they're a different breed. "We wear black toenails as medals of distinction, use more Vaseline in a week than quintuplets with diaper rash and chapped lips, and try to convince ourselves that a horrifically painful muscle pull that prevents us from even walking is really nothing more than a temporary cramp," says Schwartz. In the new volume of his best-selling book, I Run, Therefore I Am—Still Nuts! (Human Kinetics, 2012), Schwartz takes a humorous look at the peculiarities and obsessions of runners and pokes fun at their idiosyncrasies.

Often referred to as the Dave Barry of running, Bob Schwartz is the author of five books and a freelance writer whose popular articles have been published in over 200 magazines. His humorous essays on running have appeared in more than 40 national and international running magazines and regional magazines, including Runner's World and Running Fitness.

In I Run, Therefore I Am—Still Nuts! Schwartz makes light of runners' peculiarities and the strange situations they often encounter. Since the first edition of his book 10 years ago, Schwartz has continued running and gathered a multitude of humorous subjects along the way. The new edition includes 43 new essays paired with comical illustrations from famed cartoonist B.K. Taylor that capture the comedy, craziness, and folly of the running life.

"I've continued to enjoy the pleasures of running and the sometimes humbling nature of it as well," Schwartz says. "I can now share those laughs with you from topics that include what occurs when your favorite training shoe is abruptly discontinued, the inability to admit that an injury is truly a big one, the issue of competition and aging, the inherent simplicity of running, running alone versus with others, the concept of schadenfreude, running logs, runner's high, excuses, barefoot running, and the many peculiar talents runners possess."

I Run, Therefore I Am—Still Nuts! speaks to novice and veteran runners alike and brings out the humor in situations that every runner can relate to. For more information on I Run, Therefore I Am—Still Nuts! or other running resources, visit or call 800-747-4457.

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