Options Media Group Holdings, Inc. Completes Reorganization With Name Change to SafeonTheMove

BOCA RATON, Fla., Oct. 10, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Options Media Group Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB:OPMG), a leading provider of mobile applications software, announced today that the Company has completed realignment of its business model, has changed its corporate name and has introduced "Safe On The Move™," as its overall product delineation, and combination of its signature "TextOnHold™" responsible texting product, and "PushForPanic™", a personal security application. A bundled version will allow the Company to sell in both the texting and personal security markets.

The Company has also reorganized its executive and management team. Keith St. Clair, Chairman of the Board of Directors, has taken an executive role as Interim CEO, replacing former CEO Scott Frohman, who has resigned. Michael Moran, former chief operating officer, has returned to the Company and will assist St. Clair in all areas of business development. Moran stated, "I'm delighted to rejoin the Company. I am confident that under its new leadership and business direction, SafeonTheMove ™ will become the primary provider of safety solutions for operators of motor vehicles and others."

As previously announced in a Form 10-Q filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on August 20, 2012, OPMG increased its authorized shares, which will allow the Company to recapitalize its business model and to continue driving revenue through a renewed sales effort utilizing a number of new and existing distribution channels.

"We view the epidemic of both texting while driving and the area of personal security as major problems in society today," noted St. Clair. "Distracted drivers, whether teenagers, long-distance truck drivers, train operators, taxi fleets, or others, represent a danger to all of society, and we are committed to reducing the risk of inattentive vehicle operators as well as offering personal protection through our innovative application."

SafeonTheMove™ recently entered into a long-term contract with Harrington Multi Media Marketing to produce an infomercial created to draw attention to the increasing problem of persons who use mobile phones while driving and personal security. The Company sees an immediate target for its sales and marketing campaign in the thirty-four states and the District of Columbia that ban text messaging for all drivers, and the nine states and the District of Columbia which prohibit drivers from using handheld cell phones while driving.

About SafeonTheMove

SafeonTheMove™ is a leading provider of mobile applications software. The Company's flagship product, personal security and anti-texting while driving software application suite, is a next-generation software suite with the most robust set of features and functions available today. The software product, which is easily downloadable to mobile phones, allows for GPS tracking of the mobile device in order to calculate the rate of speed of travel. Above certain predetermined speeds, the software will lock the keyboard and prevent the user from emailing, surfing the web or texting. While SafeonTheMove™ is designed to prevent texting while driving, it also offers parents and employers the ability to monitor the driving habits of mobile phone users in order to prevent speeding.


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