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Composite Software Focuses on Analytics with Latest Release of its Market Leading Data Virtualization Platform

Composite 6.2 includes new analytic data source support, analytic platform optimizations and expanded data governance capabilities

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Composite Software today introduced version 6.2 of its market leading Composite Data Virtualization Platform that addresses the massive data requirements resulting from the exponential growth in big data and analytics. Composite 6.2 contains new analytics enablement capabilities including more analytic data sources, additional analytic platform optimizations and expanded data governance. Composite 6.2, available now, is being demonstrated at Data Virtualization Day 2012, the world’s largest data virtualization conference currently taking place in New York City.

Composite 6.2 also provides more data services development options which support both analytic and non-analytic use cases. To enable easy access to nearly all the data sources that analysts require, Composite has added Performance Plus™ Connectivity for PostgreSQL 9.0 and 9.1. Beyond simple JDBC interfaces, Composite leverages PostgreSQL’s optimizer and SQL extensions to maximize federated query performance.

Composite 6.2 further advances Composite’s best-in-class query optimization algorithms and techniques for leading analytic platforms. Providing analysts with the widest range of analytic sandbox options, new features include heterogeneous data ship join for Microsoft SQL Server and HP Vertica; improved cache loading performance for SQL Server; Vertica as a cache target; Vertica OLAP support; and introspection performance improvements for DB2, Netezza, and Teradata.

To ensure proper governance of analytical data, Composite 6.2 adds standard support for row-level security for finer grain data access control as well as a data lineage API for greater lineage and dependency visibility. Composite 6.2 provides Web data service developers with greater WSDL development flexibility via concrete binding for contract-first WSDL data sources and a new JSON option for REST data sources.

For a complete list of Composite Data Virtualization Platform features, download the Composite Information Server 6.2 data sheet here.

“We are eagerly looking forward to utilizing new capabilities in Composite 6.2,” said Michael Linhares, Ph.D. and Research Fellow at Pfizer Inc., which has six years of experience in enabling global enterprise data integration and agile business intelligence utilizing the Composite Data Virtualization Platform. “Its enhanced data lineage features, supporting both dependencies and references, and performance improvements for SQL Server will help us advance our information applications. We continue to be impressed by Composite's responsiveness to customer needs and rolling out products to help us support our integration challenges,” Linhares said.

“When it comes to performing advanced analytics, timely and cost-effective access to data is a critical issue,” said Wayne Eckerson, director of research at TechTarget and founder of the BI Leadership Forum, a research service and online community serving the information and educational needs of BI directors. “Analysts spend far too much time finding, assessing and integrating the data, often leaving too little time for data analysis. This outdated approach needs to change to one that features a more agile methodology,” said Eckerson, author of the just published book The Secrets of Analytical Leaders: Insights from Information Insiders.

“Our last three releases have combined to make the Composite Data Virtualization Platform the most effective way for organizations to address ‘the data problem’ that slows time deployment of new analytics applications,” said Kevin Ott, Composite Software senior VP of product development. “High-performance access to big data, analytic appliances and data warehouses is far simpler and faster with Composite’s data virtualization solution.”

Composite Software, Inc. is the data virtualization market leader. The world’s largest financial services firms, pharmaceutical companies, communications providers, energy producers and government agencies rely on Composite data virtualization offerings to simplify information access. Composite Software is privately held, with corporate headquarters in San Mateo, CA.

To contact Composite, please call (650) 227-8200, visit us on the Web at, or follow us on Twitter To learn more about data virtualization visit the DV Café microsite, the Data Virtualization Channel and the Data Virtualization Leadership Blog.

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