New Version of ScholarChip's NFC-Powered Automated Classroom Attendance now adds Compliance with State Mandates.

Now adds Compliance with State Mandates.
Bob Abbatecola

New York, NY, Oct. 11, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ScholarChip is pleased to announce an update to its classroom attendance solution, part of its School Safety and Operations System (SOSS): a smart card-based classroom attendance service that assists schools in complying with new mandates as they relate to APPR (Annual Professional Performance Review). States are mandating that districts track the time a student is present in class, which becomes a component of a teacher's APPR. Without automation these mandates will become exceedingly difficult and expensive to implement. ScholarChip automates the collection of this required classroom data, supports integration with all modern Student Information Systems (SIS) and maintains partnerships with many nationally known SIS providers.

ASTAR (Automated Student Time and Attendance Reporting) is ScholarChip's latest version of its flagship smart card-based automated classroom attendance service. ASTAR provides accurate to-the-minute reporting of a student's class attendance and teacher "face time".

For ease of adoption, ASTAR is supported on three platforms. ASTAR-B, the B indicating a browser based service, is compatible with all common browsers and uses a USB smart card reader. ASTAR-M is a mobile Android App available for use with Near Field Communications (NFC) tablets and smart phones. NFC devices have the smart card reader built in at the factory and require no external card reader. ASTAR-W is designed to operate with a smart card reader that is wall mounted inside a classroom; an accompanying web page displays student photos.

ScholarChip has long provided automated card-based classroom attendance, having students tap their contactless smart ID cards on a reader as they enter a classroom. The tap of the card on the reader automatically registers the student's classroom attendance, including any tardy status. This service has been updated to comply with the new mandates. Students still tap into class, but now they may tap out of class, and if need be, tap back into class. The time a student is absent from class is recorded. For example, a student may leave class for remedial services or an administrative, guidance or discipline meeting. The system records an accurate to-the-minute count of a student's attendance over the duration of the period.

All ScholarChip attendance services are fully integrated with the platform's parent/guardian mass notification system which supports voice, email, text messaging and mobile apps. ScholarChip's attendance services are further enhanced by the system's reconciliation of classroom attendance with automated building attendance. A one-card solution is realized by the system's inclusion of integrated cafeteria attendance, mobile Apps for bus attendance and hall monitoring, secure door access and cafeteria Point-of-Sale. Using ScholarChip's SSOS ensures consolidated operations while increasing safety and accountability.

ScholarChip pioneered the concept of an integrated K-12 School Safety and Operations System and was built from the ground up as a "cloud-based" service. ScholarChip provides a full suite of NFC-powered Apps to support its smart card platform making it easier to centrally manage a school's operation and safety while reducing administrative overhead.

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