Jive Introduces Powerful Sales and Training iPad App to Enhance Sales Team Productivity and More Than 100 New Platform Enhancements to the Jive Platform

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 11, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Jive Software, Inc. (Nasdaq:JIVE), today unveiled Jive Present, a new tablet application for mobile workers. Jive introduced the app along with the shipment of its next generation social business platform at its annual gathering of nearly 2,000 Jive customers, partners and sponsors at JiveWorld 2012 in Las Vegas, NV. The tablet application was developed and designed with feedback from the tens of millions of users who rely on Jive every day to get work done around the world.

One of the first in the industry to leverage the power of mobile computing and social business, Jive Present turns every tablet into an unmatched sales, presentation and training tool. The app uses Jive's leading social business platform to distribute the most accurate and timely information in any format to sales reps and customers anytime and anywhere, online or offline. Additionally, with Jive Present, organizations can monitor consumption of information, compliance to corporate best practices and adherence to education programs.

The way people connect, share, and learn has fundamentally changed with the introduction of tablet computing. The growth of tablets in the enterprise, particularly for marketing and sales professionals, is reflective of this fundamental change. 11% of global employees are using tablets today, and over the next five years, total shipments of tablets to the enterprise will increase at 48% CAGR (1), and 65% of those tablets will be iPads (2). Industry experts suggest that over 96 million tablets will be used in the enterprise in 2016, a large percentage of which will be used to improve sales productivity.

Some key benefits of Jive Present includes the ability to:

  • Provide video, audio and rich multi-media content to sales and distribution teams - ensuring relevant information is always available anytime, anywhere, online and offline
  • Centrally manage information distribution and actively push customized data and materials to individuals or groups, ensuring the right content gets to the right individual or team at the right time
  • Control materials targeted for training vs customer presentations
  • Monitor information that has been viewed and reviewed, including time spent and value of information, by recipients
  • Train mobile teams remotely and on demand
  • Showcase and mark up content to prospects and customers in real time and distributing materials to them with one click
  • Leverage the Jive Platform to allow mobile teams to collaborate on information, conversations and documents and get access to experts across the organization in real time
  • Eliminate wasted time searching for information and verifying its accuracy in portals and company intranets

"Current mobile tools in the market have not kept pace with the needs of today's mobile workforce. Sales reps, and anyone in the field, need real time information, the ability to customize materials to each customer's needs and fast access to experts across the organization," said Tony Zingale, Chairman and CEO of Jive. "It's become a business imperative that these teams have an easy, intuitive and controlled way to receive information and leverage social tools to interact with the right content and people. With Jive Present, these organizations now have a powerful tool accessible with a click of a button anytime and anywhere. This will unlock massive business value in the enterprise with a focus on revenue increase and a more productive higher performing sales teams."

Jive Next Generation Platform: More than 100 Improvements with Flexible Deployment Model

In addition to Jive Present, the company also announced the availability of new enhancements to its industry-leading social business platform. The latest version brings hundreds of new features to the table, all designed to help Jive customers collaborate, communicate and share information more efficiently. This continues Jive's tradition of providing timely, feature-packed updates based on what Jive customers want and what drives value in organizations.

Key elements of today's announcement include:

  • Jive Anywhere, a breakthrough capability that extends social business to the web at large, enabling users to access social functions from any website or web application.
  • Jive !App Experiences, enabling users to invoke powerful applications and merge them seamlessly into the social business workflow with a single keystroke.
  • Jive Edge, a sophisticated social intelligence engine that optimizes a wide range of social business processes such as search, providing more relevant, precise, and personalized results.
  • Major enhancements in Jive What Matters activity streams, including customizable Attention Streams focused on specific processes and people.
  • Jive for Teams, a new group collaboration solution for teams of 25 to 250,000 people. Try Jive provides a fast on-ramp to Jive for Teams via Jive Cloud deployment and a 30-day free trial, bringing leading-edge social business capabilities to large and small teams.
  • A dramatically simplified and engaging user experience.


Jive Present will be available later this year in the Apple App store. Jive Present is powered by technology provided to Jive by Showpad.

Jive releases quarterly updates to its platform in Jive Cloud. It also releases updates annually to those customers who require a deployment in the private cloud. Jive launched TryJive on May 2, 2012 and has since delivered two major feature revisions in the Jive Cloud.

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