Get a Black Belt in Marketing Book Released

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 11, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Barbara Lewis announces the release her new book, Get a Black Belt in Marketing: The Marketing Success Book for Retirement Professionals. The book is based on over 20 years of Barbara's experience working with retirement industry professionals from advisors to third party administrators and from ERISA attorneys to consultants in the marketing and communications areas. In the book, Barbara explains concepts, techniques and strategies for marketing success. She also recounts stories about success and lessons learned, along with a plan of action to accomplish the goals.

Barbara recalls what inspired her to write the marketing guidebook: "In 2011, I spoke at the fi360 Conference on 'Get a Black Belt in Marketing,' using my black belt in karate as a springboard for discussion points. It was standing room only at my session and I had a lot of people come up to me after the presentation to ask questions. I realized that I couldn't help everyone who needed marketing advice, so I decided to write a book."

Bob Veres, a renowned retirement industry guru, wrote that the book "...presents a variety of interesting marketing tips, ideas and techniques, including some things I have never seen before: the leveragability factors of different kinds of marketing efforts, the distinction between features and benefits in an advisor's service offer, and how to use LinkedIn to best effect. But the real value can be found in the practical daily and weekly activities that any advisor can do right now to start a genuine marketing initiative."

Barbara Lewis began her career as a journalist writing for national publications, including The Wall Street Journal. She is a frequent speaker at industry events and a contributor to industry publications. Barbara received her MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management where she currently lectures. "My MBA degree solidified my left brain analytics complementing my right brain creativity," she says. "Measuring marketing success through database analysis is one of the foundational tenets of a great marketing program."

In 1995, Barbara started Centurion Consulting Group, helping businesses with marketing and communication. Marcia Wagner, a nationally known ERISA attorney, says, "It has truly been a privilege to work with Barbara Lewis. She combines the positive and rare attributes of wit, wisdom, insight, caring and passion to provide exceptionally helpful and practical advice on marketing and development."

Get a Black Belt in Marketing: The Marketing Success Book for Retirement Professionals is an affordable way to develop business, create persuasive communication that attracts clients, and monitor and measure success. The e-book ($9.95) is available on Barbara's website at The soft cover ($19.95) is available through ( Both formats have a money back guarantee.

Barbara's first book, Get a Black Belt in Business, is based on over 30 virtues that she learned while studying martial arts for many years and how she applied those virtues to the business world.

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