On-Q-ity, Inc. to Present Imaging Data at ASCO Markers in Cancer and Pathology Visions

WALTHAM, Mass., Oct. 11, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On-Q-ity, a life sciences company dedicated to providing the most accurate and actionable information possible across multiple cancers to enhance drug development and patient outcomes, today announced that it will be presenting data on its customized imaging techniques and platform in support of its circulating tumor cell (CTC) program at two upcoming meetings: ASCO Markers in Cancer, a joint meeting by ASCO, EORTC and NCI, October 11-13 in Hollywood, Florida and Pathology Visions, the Digital Pathology Association annual meeting, October 28-31 in Baltimore, MD.

On-Q-ity scientists will be presenting research on its lead program, the CTC platform using OnQChip™, a novel technology featuring a dual capture capability, high capture rate and customized imaging that may provide critical information to clinical researchers and physicians. The posters reflect two vital and proprietary components to On-Q-ity's CTC platform: OnQScanTM and OnQViewTM. These technologies enable trained individuals to accurately detect CTCs and differentiate intact cells from irregular and fragmented cells.

Using a simple and fast proprietary calibration method, OnQScan can achieve high stability and consistency for quantitative fluorescence microscopy applications. The OnQView detection system was tested using a sample of 30 Stage 4 metastatic cancer patients and 33 normal donors. Nearly 80% sensitivity and specificity was achieved using On-Q-ity's enhanced CTC imaging (eCTC) system. A set of proprietary computer aided classification algorithms was developed to automatically identify CTC subclasses. An accuracy range of 67% to 95% was achieved using the low magnification images from 27 prostate cancer patient samples.

Posters presented at ASCO Markers in Cancer:

Poster 54

Computer Aided Classification of Circulating Tumor Cells and CK+ Subclasses

Poster 72

Detecting and Classifying Circulating Tumor Cell Subclasses from On-Q-ity Microfluidic Chips Using a Customized Imaging Platform

Poster presented at Pathology Visions:

Calibration Technique for Quantitative Fluorescence Microscopy in Detection of Circulating Tumor Cells on OnQChip™

About On-Q-ity

On-Q-ity is a life sciences company focused on novel circulating tumor cell (CTC) capture and characterization. We are developing products and services for clinical researchers and physicians that will enhance decision-making across multiple cancer types. On-Q-ity envisions a time when cancer is transformed from a fatal to chronic disease via CTC technology, further enabling the promise of personalized medicine. Our goals are to increase the success of oncology drug development, improve patient treatment outcomes and increase survival rates. Headquartered in Waltham, MA, On-Q-ity is currently funded by Atlas Venture, Mohr Davidow and Physic Ventures. For more information visit our website: www.On-Q-ity.com.

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