Minny Frank Sues St. Charles Health System In Oregon, Alleges Racism, Police Strip Search

BEND, Ore., Oct. 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Minny Frank has filed a civil action for damages against St. Charles Health System in a Eugene Oregon Federal Court, Case No: 6:11-cv-06402-AA. Ms. Frank alleges and Bend Oregon police reports confirm that Minny Frank was allegedly physically restrained and forcibly strip-searched by several male hospital employees and two male Bend police officers while in plain view of opposite gender staff members. The woman further alleges that she was the victim of racism while a patient at the Bend Oregon hospital and she is also claiming damages for what she reports to be an alleged hate crime committed by the employees at St. Charles Health System.

Throughout the lawsuit Minny Frank has alleged that St. Charles Health System employees and staff members violated Oregon Administrative Rules in regard to restraint and seclusion procedures. Knute Buehler candidate for Oregon Secretary of State had no comment when questioned about St. Charles Health System's alleged failure to follow the Oregon Administrative Rules when Ms. Frank was admitted back in January 2010.

Despite a Supreme Court ruling that non-emergency opposite gender strip searches of prisoners in view of others is humiliating, unreasonable and unconstitutional, Knute Buehler and his cronies at St. Charles Health System allegedly employ armed police officers to restrain patients and strip search them without a right to an attorney. Police Reports verify that the woman was not allowed the right to speak with an attorney after she demanded one.

Several letters to Knute Buehler and St. Charles Health System board members, remain unanswered. Knute Buehler even went as far as blocking the woman from his Facebook page and asking his attorney to request a gag order and infringe on the woman's first amendment right to freedom of speech. The Judge has since denied Knute Buehler's motion.

The legal claim arose from a dispute concerning the woman's clothing; she allegedly asked to be searched and retain her clothing but was denied this request. Police reports confirm the absence of physical violence on behalf of the woman and that the sole cause of the opposite gender strip search was the woman's reluctance to change her clothing.

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SOURCE Minny Frank