Counterterrorism and Security Expert Michael Leiter to Deliver Keynote Address at SunGard Availability Services International User Group Forum 2012

WAYNE, Pa., Oct. 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- SunGard Availability Services has announced NBC national security analyst and former national counterterrorism center director Michael E. Leiter as its keynote speaker at the 2012 SunGard Business Continuity Software International User Group Forum.

Mr. Leiter serves as an expert on counterterrorism, cybersecurity, and national security for NBC News and was the director of the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) from 2008 to July 2011. He will share with forum attendees his in-depth understanding of activities that affect the nation's security and share lessons on instilling leadership while managing a crisis during his address, "Leading in a Crisis: Before, During, and After."

"A successful disaster recovery strategy requires strong leadership from the top and champions throughout the business," said Mr. Leiter. "The more thought that goes into what an organization can and cannot do, the better position it will be in to face a crisis, adjust to changed circumstances and then reshape the organization beyond the period of crisis to be more effective."

While leading the NCTC, Mr. Leiter served at the center of terrorism crisis management in U.S. government. During the course of two administrations, Mr. Leiter helped lead America's efforts to respond to repeated crises and serious threats, such as al-Qaeda's failed attempt to bring a U.S. airliner down over Detroit on Christmas Day 2009, a failed car bomb attack in Times Square, the tragic shooting at Ft. Hood, and the successful mission that led to the killing of Osama bin Laden.

Through examples from these and other events, Mr. Leiter will explain in his keynote address how principled, thoughtful, visionary, and energetic leadership can carry an organization through crises and lead to improvements in mission effectiveness that might otherwise be impossible. He will describe how lessons from counterterrorism apply to a wide range of businesses and organizations.

"It is our distinct pleasure to have Michael Leiter as our special guest and keynote speaker at this year's International User Group Forum," said Louis Grosskopf, general manager of Business Continuity Software at SunGard. "As a pioneer in BC/DR and a supporting partner to customers who have lived through the unthinkable, SunGard has redefined its business to help businesses prepare for increasingly frequent threats such as cybersecurity and acts of terrorism."

The SunGard International User Forum is a three-day symposium that offers educational peer-to-peer sessions on business continuity, real-life cases of disaster events and crises that were combated using business continuity plans, and demonstrations and lessons on how to successfully implement BC software in an organization. Attendees also get a firsthand view of the next generation of BC Software enhancements that will shape the future of BCM programs.

This year's forum, which carries the theme "Business Continuity Redefined," will be held in Chicago from October 14-16.

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