University of Connecticut Implements Kuali Financial System in partnership with Kuali Commercial Affiliate rSmart

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Oct. 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- rSmart, provider of technology solutions for higher education, has successfully implemented Kuali Financial System (KFS), an open source, community developed financial management system, for the University of Connecticut. UConn partnered with rSmart for key services from proof of concept through system implementation, technical and user training, and disaster recovery services in the rSmart Cloud.

With the need to replace a legacy financial system, UConn began an extensive evaluation over two years ago, ultimately selecting the Kuali Financial System. rSmart, a Kuali Community founder and Commercial Affiliate, was then selected to spearhead the 18-month implementation because of their unique expertise in the Kuali platform.

"The Kuali Financial System just made sense and rSmart was selected to help us deploy the software," said Charles Eaton, the University's controller and Kuali project executive director. "Because KFS is purposefully built by higher education for higher education, we get highly functional, easy to use software, plus the benefits of collaboration with other universities involved in its' open, community development."

Vince Schimizzi, KFS Functional Council Chair, says, "We were impressed with rSmart's work with UConn's implementation. rSmart consultants were knowledgeable and well versed in the functional and technical details of the Kuali Financial system. They made a huge difference in pulling the project together."

UConn now enjoys improved financial management, usability, and workflow as a result of the successful transition to the Kuali Financial System. The new system is highly sustainable and allows UConn to optimize business processes based on the collective insights of a global education community.

Chris Coppola, CEO of rSmart, comments, "We're proud to be a part of this implementation, which will help UConn reduce the cost of their financial management system and improve efficiencies across the university. This collaboration between UConn, Kuali, and rSmart is a perfect example of how this growing open source community is helping higher education."

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