Jeffrey Epstein, Science Activist, Backs the Largest Catholic Organization in the US Virgin Islands

NEW YORK, Oct. 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation has donated critical funds to the Catholic Charities of the US Virgin Islands. Catholic Charities of the USVI is the largest catholic organization in the USVI providing essential support for the poor.

For 46 years, the Catholic Charities of the Virgin Islands (CCVI) has been feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless and clothing the needy. CCVI offers a wide spectrum of services to struggling families and individuals; including the homeless, mentally ill, substance abusers and homebound elderly. CCVI also provides an impressive volume of support. Just last year, they assisted more than 700 people, served more than 44,000 hot meals and fed more than 200 people daily.

What makes CCVI unique however is its successful focus on rehabilitation into the community. CCVI's programs include: Bethlehem House, Soup Kitchen, Street Mobile Outreach, PATH, HAPICAT, Camp Shriver, Kids Learn and Emergency Help. Bethlehem House for example, is a homeless shelter on St. Thomas and on St. Croix, each offering approximately 40 beds to residents. The shelter however, also offers ongoing education to help residents with life skills, seek employment and re-establish their independence. When residents are ready to move into their own home, the shelter assists with household items and donated furniture.

Like many Catholic organizations, CCVI also has a strong focus on youth education. Kids Learn and Camp Shriver both offer intensive multi-week learning and sports camps to underprivileged children and stay involved in the children's lives, mentoring them through school and challenges they might face.

The Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation was founded by science philanthropist and education activist, Jeffrey Epstein in 2000. Jeffrey Epstein is a resident of St. Thomas in the USVI. In addition to science research, his foundation actively supports education and youth initiatives across the US Virgin Islands. Jeffrey Epstein is a former member of the Council of Foreign Relations, the New York Academy of Science, The Trilateral Commission and a former board member of Rockefeller University.

"We are honored to support the CCVI," Jeffrey Epstein noted. "They are one of the most effective organizations in the Caribbean eradicating poverty today."