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  • More Breast Cancer Treatment Choices, But a Shortage of Information Required to Decide
  • Halloween DIY: Children's Costumes That Won't Spook Your Budget
  • October is National Bullying Prevention Month
  • Medical Profession Must Be Made Accountable and Transparent
  • High-Tech Spying During Divorce Discouraged
  • Meningitis Scare Highlights Pharmacy Concerns
  • Flyers Fed Up With AMR Labor Dispute


  • Assistant Managing Editor – Bloomberg BNA (VA)
  • City Editor – Metro US (NYC)
  • Multimedia Journalist – WXYZ-TV (Detroit)
  • Bilingual Anchor/Reporter – News 12 Networks (NJ)
  • Minnesota Vikings Beat Reporter – St. Paul Pioneer Press


  • Upcoming Events
  • Letting Sources Decide Which Quotes You Use
  • How to Decide Which Conferences Are Worth Your While
  • Interesting Expert of the Week, Romney Oven Mitt Edition



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More Breast Cancer Treatment Choices, But a Shortage of Information Required to Decide
David Wasilewski
"With the explosion of life-saving treatment advances in breast cancer, women now have more treatment options than ever, but still don't have the firsthand insights they need to make informed decisions. Learning firsthand what it is like to live with the decisions one is about to make and connecting with someone with the same diagnosis can result in better outcomes."
Wasilewski is the founder of, a social network developed specifically for those affected by cancer, developed with the American Cancer Society. He can speak about how women who seek out firsthand insights from others with breast cancer are benefiting both emotionally and physically.
News Contact: Tyler James,

Halloween DIY: Children's Costumes That Won't Spook Your Budget
Milva Di Lorenzo
Fashion Design Faculty
Miami International University of Art & Design
"Start by doing research online -- if you're even a little crafty, there are many unique, fun costumes you can create with little money and no sewing."
Di Lorenzo recommends the following websites:, (click on Holidays link on left) and
Di Lorenzo is available to speak with the media and provide tips on DIY Halloween costumes and overall fashion design.
Link to costume ideas:
News Contact: Marcia Gomez,

October is National Bullying Prevention Month
Christine Agro
The Conscious Mom's Guide
Christine Agro, founder of The Conscious Mom's Guide, puts forward a challenge to all parents to use National Bullying Prevention month as an opportunity to bring awareness to judging. She asks parents to work to eliminate judgment from their vocabulary, and to help their kids understand how judging is a big part of bullying: "'Who am I to judge?' Yet that's what many of us do day in and day out -- and, to make it worse, we do it in front of our kids. We talk about the way someone looks, or we comment on their choice of clothes. We talk about their lifestyle or their work ethics or the way they live their life. Every time we do this in front of our children, we tell them that it's OK to judge, to criticize and to critique other people, that we are somehow superior in nature, in taste, in aesthetics."
Agro is the founder of The Conscious Mom's Guide, a free membership site for conscious parenting. She also writes the daily blog Life As A Conscious Mom for, and is author of "50 Ways to Live Life Consciously."
Expert Contact:

Medical Profession Must Be Made Accountable and Transparent
Barry Friedberg
Board Certified Anesthesiologist
Barry Friedberg, M.D., has joined hands with co-author Dr. Marty Makary in calling for accountability and transparency in the medical profession as the best means to protect patients from unintentional harm. Friedberg, an author and anesthesiologist, fully endorses the position taken by Dr. Makary in his new book, "Unaccountable," in which he proposes that common-sense solutions can fix the healthcare system by empowering patients with information to choose where to go for their medical care. Friedberg, is author of "Getting Over Going Under: 5 Things You Must Know Before Anesthesia." Says Friedberg, "The vast majority of Americans are routinely over-medicated every day when getting anesthesia for surgery because their anesthesiologist is not measuring their brain.
Friedberg, located in Los Angeles, has been interviewed by FOX, CNN, truTV, "Nancy Grace" and People magazine.
News Contact: Scott Lorenz,

High-Tech Spying During Divorce Discouraged
Scott Downing
Family Law Attorney
McCurley Orsinger McCurley Nelson & Downing L.L.P.
"Divorcing spouses who are tempted to install hidden cameras, GPS tracking devices or computer spyware to catch a partner suspected of cheating should make sure what they are doing is not going to get them into legal trouble. A number of federal and state statutes address electronic snooping, and much depends on how invasive the snooping was. Were the emails sitting on a family computer or were they on a password-protected website? Was the hidden camera in a shared area of the home or was it somewhere with a reasonable expectation of privacy, like the bedroom? Electronic eavesdropping can produce significant evidence, but that evidence may never see the light of day if it is acquired improperly. Not only could it pose problems during the divorce, but there are also potential civil and criminal penalties."
News Contact: Rhonda Reddick,

Meningitis Scare Highlights Pharmacy Concerns
Rick Meadow
Attorney/Head of Lanier's Pharmaceutical Litigation Division
The Lanier Law Firm in New York
"With reports that more than a dozen people have died from a rare form of fungal meningitis linked to contaminated steroid shots, new questions should be raised about how pharmacies mix and dispense drugs. Officials with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have reported more than 100 cases of fungal meningitis stemming from compounded versions of an injectable steroid manufactured by a single specialty pharmacy in Massachusetts. Estimates are that as many as 13,000 people across 23 states may have been exposed to the tainted drugs. This outbreak demonstrates the need for government oversight of pharmacies that mix compounds and ship them to unsuspecting consumers throughout the country. Congress must get involved to expand the power of the FDA to regulate this dangerous industry."
News Contact: Alan Bentrup,

Flyers Fed Up With AMR Labor Dispute
Larry Kanter
Forensic Accountant
Kanter Financial Forensics in Dallas
"Once-loyal American Airlines passengers have been enduring increasingly tedious delays on the tarmac and mass flight cancellations blamed on parent company AMR's bitter relationship with pilots during its contentious bankruptcy. While AMR's bankruptcy endgame is to emerge leaner and more profitable, passengers' negative experiences in the meantime have the potential to cause a lasting impact on American Airlines' bottom line. Passenger loyalty – particularly among the valuable business traveler base – is hard-earned and difficult to regain when lost."
News Contact: Robert Tharp,



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