MEDport(R) Showcases Fresh Starts(TM) Travel Feeding Line for Babies and Launches "Back to Preschool" Food Travel Products for Toddlers -- Booth 2437

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Oct. 14, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- At the 2012 ABC Show from October 14-17, the makers of Fit & Fresh® food containers, MEDport, LLC, will be featuring their innovative line of products suited to parents who don't want to compromise on their baby or toddler's nutrition. For children 6 months and up, Fresh Starts™ products offer moms and dads an easy, fast and economical way to deliver fresh food on the go, without compromise. Expanding upon this, they are launching an exciting new line of "Back to Preschool" products for children who attend daycares and preschools across the country.


What makes Fresh Starts so different? The products are cool – literally. Other baby food products stress ease of use and the ability to make large batches of food at one time. But none of them seem to fully address: 1) making, storing and eating the food away from home, 2) keeping it at a proper temperature for safe consumption, and 3) making smaller servings from the same ingredients mom is feeding the rest of the family. With Fresh Starts, from carrots to cucumbers, squash to sweet potatoes, mom can easily create homemade baby food at home or away. It gives her the ability to cost-effectively choose organic and all natural foods, control ingredients if she has a child with allergies, re-use containers to be more environmentally friendly and feed baby healthy food when away from home. Most importantly, the built-in removable ice packs included with the travel containers keeps the food fresher, longer. A great benefit when travelling to grandma's house, the park or a play date.

The line is available now and can be found at retailers such as Babies R Us, Baby Depot and on MEDport's website, From food preparation to travel, the line consists of the following:

Fresh Starts Food Preparation Fresh Starts Travel Fresh Starts Formula Preparation
Food Mill with 1 Cup Travel Container, SRP $14.99 Chilled Travel Plate, SRP $12.99 Formula Mixer, SRP $9.99
Steamer with 1 Cup Travel Container, SRP $6.99 Chilled Travel Bowl, SRP $12.99 Formula Mixer Wand, SRP $7.99
Food Prep Container, SRP $12.99 Soft Carrier with 1 Cup Containers, SRP $16.99 Formula Dispenser, SRP $3.99
Food Masher, SRP $8.99 Insulated Collapsible Carrier, SRP $14.99
1 Cup Multi-Pack Containers, SRP $11.99 Closable/Reusable Snack Packs, SRP $9.99
Healthy Food Prep Pack, SRP $29.99 Ice Packs, SRP $10.99


Parlaying on their success in the kid's Back to School market and their juvenile offerings, MEDport sought to bridge the gap between babies and school-aged children with a new category and line of products that target the 56% of children ages 3-5 that attend a daycare and/or preschool. From preparation to storage and travel, to proper temperature maintenance, this line offers: flexibility, a greater array of food choices, added control over ingredients, a cooling solution, and an economic and environmentally sound alternative to pre-packaged foods. Millions of children attend an out of home daycare or preschool setting each day. MEDport believes it is just as important to provide their growing minds and bodies with nutritious solutions for snack and lunchtime.

"Establishing healthy eating patterns early on and carrying them through babyhood to toddlerhood and beyond, helps parents lay the necessary foundation for healthy eating well into adulthood," states Larry Wesson, president and CEO of MEDport. "A lot of emphasis is placed on serving infants nutritious foods. There is also a lot of attention on healthy eating in our nation's schools. For toddlers and preschoolers however, sending kids to daycare and preschool with nutritious meals is just as important, but the message is getting lost in the mix. By drawing awareness to this subset with our new Back to Preschool line, our aim is to cover a child's needs from 6 months to their teens."

The Back to Preschool product lineup includes: 1 Cup Chilled Container Set, SRP $11.99, Meal on the Go, SRP $10.99, Hot Lunch, SRP $10.99, Lunch Pod®, SRP $8.99, Dip 'N Dunk, SRP $6.99 and Cool Coolers Ice Packs, SRP $10.99. All of which will be available July, 2013.

To support these lines, MEDport has brought on board a leading pediatrician, Dr. Tanya Altmann-Remer, and nutritionist, Dr. Deborah Kennedy, to help parents navigate the ins and outs of feeding their babies and preschoolers healthy, age appropriate and all natural food at a crucial point in their development.

"Healthy nutrition habits start at a young age," states Dr. Tanya Altmann-Remer. "I recommend that parents offer their infants a variety of healthy baby foods and snacks not only at home, but also on the go. Packing pureed vegetables and fruit in environmentally friendly, re-usable containers that keep foods cool is not only practical, but also important to give your child a healthy start in life."

Dr. Deborah Kennedy further adds, "When children transition from eating at home to daycare or preschool, their diets usually change from healthy home cooked meals and snacks, to grab and go pre-packaged snacks and bars. These foods are often loaded with sugar and salt. So what may seem easy and convenient at the time, is actually a trigger for creating picky eaters who will then only want overly sweet and salty foods. The Fit & Fresh preschool line of products helps parents continue to increase their child's exposure to healthy food during a critical time in their development - when taste preferences are created."

ABOUT MEDport and Fit & Fresh®

MEDport markets products in the preparation, organization and transportation of food under the Fit & Fresh® and Fresh Starts™ brand names. Fit & Fresh is a lifestyle brand for people who enjoy taking food with them to work, school, play or entertaining. With a focus on fresh and healthy eating, Fit & Fresh provides smart solutions that are easy to use while exceeding expectations. Through a combination of function, fashion and fun, the company strives to provide babies, children and adults with the right "lunchbox tools" for active and healthy lifestyles. Many of the products come with removable ice packs to keep the food cool. Fit & Fresh is sold in leading mass, department, drug, grocery, independent and chain retailers across the country. MEDport is also an innovative health and medical design manufacturing company. Headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island, MEDport continues to define new categories of products ranging from healthy living via lunch and food portability solutions to medical devices; all formulated to help make it easier for people to lead healthy lives. Learn more by visiting their website, or by calling 1-800-858-8840.

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