Natural Healing in Birmingham is a Safe, Effective Alternative to Surgery or Medication

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Oct. 14, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Back On Track Chiropractic in Birmingham, AL is educating patients about the benefits of natural healing for managing chronic back and neck pain. According to the wellness center, treatments like chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy and deep tissue massage are safe and effective techniques for naturally managing pain. The practice is encouraging patients to learn more about these different treatment options as healthy alternatives to medication and surgery.

Personal injury patients may benefit from natural healing treatments, says chiropractor Dr. Scott Duca. The Birmingham chiropractor recommends chiropractic adjustments and natural healing treatments as alternatives to prescription painkillers and surgery.

According to Dr. Duca, medication offers limited relief because it only covers up pain symptoms, rather than treating the underlying cause.

"Pain medication can provide temporary relief by blocking the brain's ability to process pain signals," said Dr. Duca. "Ultimately, however, this relief is fleeting. As long as a mechanical misalignment persists, patients will experience pain. Chiropractic adjustments are an effective, all natural alternative that addresses the underlying cause for pain."

A herniated disc is one of the leading causes for back pain. A personal injury, slip and fall, or auto accident can cause a disc to slip out of alignment. When this disc compresses nearby nerves, patients experience pain.

Chronic pain can keep patients from sleeping at night, sitting comfortably at work, and leading an active lifestyle. "As long as nerve compression persists, so will neck, shoulder and back pain," said Dr. Duca. "Surgery may attempt to correct this problem, but it comes with risks. Some of our patients had back surgery and still struggle with pain, sometimes worse than before. Chiropractic care works because it restores alignment to the spine, returning the herniated disc to its proper position which relieves pressure on the nerves."

In addition to chiropractic care, Dr. Duca recommends complementary therapies for natural healing. Deep tissue massage, for example, can help release tension trapped within the muscle fascia that causes spasms, stiffness and tightness. By massaging out this tension, patients enjoy enhanced mobility and natural pain relief.

Dr. Duca says that massage may also be beneficial for natural migraine and headache relief. Additionally, restoring alignment to the spine may help to reduce the frequency of headaches.

"Our wellness center is proud to offer a variety of integrated treatments to naturally relieve pain and enhance well-being," said Dr. Duca. "We believe that good health is more than the absence of pain or injury. Rather than cover up the problem with medication or create bigger problems with surgery, we unlock the body's inner ability to heal naturally."

Back On Track Chiropractic provides natural back and neck pain management for Homewood, Vestavia, Mountain Brook and Hoover patients. Treatments include sports injury rehabilitation, auto accident and whiplash treatment, headache and migraine relief, and nutritional counseling.

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