Jackson Oral Surgeon Offers Dental Implants as Alternative to Dentures

JACKSON, Miss., Oct. 14, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A group of oral surgeons serving Jackson and Madison patients wishes to spread the word about a permanent alternative to dentures and bridgework. According to Dr. David Seago, a practitioner at Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery P.A., dental implants can give many people permanent artificial teeth that look and feel much like the originals. "Implants, while not ideal for everyone, can dramatically improve both cosmetic appearance and functionality while requiring no unusual cleaning or daily care," says Dr. Seago.

In the past, Madison and Jackson residents seeking replacement teeth have generally relied on some type of denture. These products include bridges (individual teeth affixed to the patient's real teeth), partial dentures that replace multiple teeth, or full dentures that replace all of the teeth. Dr. Seago points out that while each of these time-tested appliances can greatly improve aesthetics and functionality, many patients now turn to implants as a more permanent solution.

"Dentures are a relatively quick and cost-effective way to replace many missing teeth at once, and for some patients may continue to be the wisest choice," he says, "but a good fit is very important for comfortable use, so they require periodic refitting and replacement. However, they do not become a permanent part of the patient's jaw the way implants do."

Dr. Seago states that implants, when properly prepared and installed, come closest to reproducing the look and behavior of real teeth. Oral surgeons insert titanium posts into the jawbone, where the bone eventually fuses with the threads on the posts to form an anchor for the replacement tooth.

The healing process for this phase of the procedure may take up to six months. After the bone has grown around the post, an abutment and a permanent crown that closely resembles the original tooth are installed. "The artificial root helps to prevent bone loss," explains Dr. Seago, "while ensuring natural function for biting, chewing and talking." He adds that patients can brush and floss their implants just as they would their natural teeth.

Some dental insurance plans may cover a portion of the implant surgery, though people with insufficient bone mass to support an implant may also have to undergo some bone grafting before implantation can commence. "For the sake of the patient's health, we also require that the remaining teeth be in good shape and that the patient practices good dental hygiene before we will approve implant surgery," says Dr. Seago. "But our Madison and Jackson patients who can make use of the procedure generally find the results to be well worth the time and effort."

In addition to implant dentistry, the oral surgeons at Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery P.A. perform extractions, corrective jaw surgery, TMJ treatments and other procedures.

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