Roy Pillmore, Second Generation Raton Basin Coal Geologist, Joins Maxwell Resources

RATON, N.M., Oct. 15, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Roy Pillmore, a highly regarded geologist with considerable expertise in coal deposits within the vast Raton Basin, has joined Maxwell Resources as a consulting geologist. Pillmore will work with Maxwell as it explores the Raton Basin for potential energy (coal) and valuable metals (gold and silver) reserves.

In fact, Maxwell will explore the Basin based upon a 1991 USGS survey authored by Pillmore's father, renowned USGS geologist, the late Charles "Chuck" Pillmore.

The senior Pillmore's 1991 survey found that the Basin contains $3.4 billion or more in coal, while a 2005 survey of the same area found there could be even more high-grade coal than previously estimated.

Maxwell possesses fee-simple mineral rights to 170,000 acres within the Raton Basin.

Roy Pillmore has more than 30 years' experience as a geologist, with considerable expertise in coal geology within the Raton Basin. His extensive coal knowledge has been honed with work as a mine engineer, production and reclamation supervisor and as a blasting geologist with several companies, including Kaiser Steel Corporation and Chevron Corporation.

"Roy was one of the first people we thought of to work with us on this project," said Phillip Dias, Maxwell Resources' president and CEO. "He's worked in the Basin almost his entire career and knows it inside and out and sideways. What's more, he grew up in the Basin (and still lives there), and worked side-by-side with his father for several years.

"Roy knows coal and he knows Raton. We'd be foolish not to ask him to join us and we're thrilled he said yes," Dias added.

Pillmore's main duties with Maxwell will be the identification of recoverable natural resources such as coal, gold, silver, and other rare earth minerals.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from Colorado State University, Fort Collins. Additional employers include the Kaiser Coal Corporation and the Pittsburg & Midway Coal Mining Company. He now operates a geologic consulting services firm, Roy Pillmore Consulting Geologist.

About Maxwell Resources

Maxwell Resources, Inc. (OTCBB:MAXE) owns mineral rights (fee simple) of more than 170,000 acres in the Raton Basin in northern New Mexico's Colfax County. The company will prove up gold, coal, hard minerals, and other rare earth minerals, with the goal of pinpointing the sites that will deliver the largest return on investment.

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