IronKey Announces Corporate Name Change to Marble Cloud

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SUNNYVALE, Calif., Oct. 15, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cloud security technology leader IronKey today announced it has changed its corporate name to Marble Cloud Inc., along with a redesigned brand, logo, website and tag line, Marble Cloud Security. The company's objective - to deliver the world's most secure way to surf the Web and access cloud services - remain the same. Effective immediately, the IronKey brand is wholly owned by Imation Corp., who last year acquired the IronKey™ secure mobile storage business and products.

"IronKey is an extremely well-known brand in the security space, but it is very tightly tied to secure data storage; that identity now fits Imation's business better than ours," said Founder and CTO David Jevans. "Today's name change marks an exciting new era and will help us to distinguish between our roots as the creators of the world's most secure storage and our future as the world's most secure way to surf the Web and access cloud services, the brand identity we will build for Marble Cloud."

Why Marble? Like iron, marble is a durable, hard object that lasts and lasts. Marbles can contain internal secrets, like cats' eyes - or logins and secure documents - and keep them safe inside a hard shell - or a cryptographic container. You can carry Marbles around in your pocket - or your smart phone, tablet or laptop - knowing they are ready to use yet secure.

"Marble is a distinctive new name that connotes strength and elegance, and our customers should continue to expect market-leading cryptography-rich cloud security solutions as we move forward under our new banner," said Jevans.

Find more information online about Imation's IronKey secure mobile storage products and Marble Access, the world's most secure Web browser and cloud security solution.

About Marble

Marble Cloud enables companies to reduce IT costs, risk and complexity by securely using BYOD and cloud services in an extended enterprise IT infrastructure. Any user - contractor, remote worker, customer, or supply chain partner - can securely access enterprise provisioned public and private clouds, from anywhere, on any of their own devices. The Marble App, Marble Network and Marble Cloud service create a secure environment for accessing the cloud on any employee-owned computer.

Marble Access, developed by the team that created IronKey, the world's most secure storage and web surfing products, is delivering the world's most secure way to surf the web and access private and public cloud services. The use of hard-shelled virtualized and cryptographic containers on any client device linked with Marble's multilayer platform that includes a trusted network connection and management system distinguish Marble Cloud security from any other solution available today. Unlike antivirus, firewall and other signature-based solutions that remain vulnerable to zero-day attacks, Marble provides and end-to-end hardened platform that is invulnerable to Trojans, man-in-the-middle, man-in-the-browser, malevolent Wi-Fi networks, DNS poisoning and other state-of-the-threat attacks. Marble App clients provide a consistent user experience across all available endpoints including Android smart phones and tablets, iPads, iPhones, Macs and Windows or Linux PCs.

Marble helps enterprises, banks and governments save money by allowing employees to use their own devices, while simultaneously reducing the risks of data breaches, online fraud and humiliation at the hands of criminals, hactivists and malevolent nation-states.

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