ZWSOFT CEO Interview: Truman Du on the New ZWCAD+

GUANGZHOU, China, Oct. 15, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Chief Executive Officer of ZWSOFT, Truman, recently spoke with Jan Pajerchin, President of Global CAD Group, about his view and thoughts on the newly-released ZWCAD+. ZWCAD+ is ZWSOFT's latest innovation in the CAD industry. It is the next generation of the well-received ZWCAD, a proven CAD solution with 320,000 satisfied customers worldwide. Now equipped with a new and superior engine, ZWCAD+ takes design experience and efficiency to a whole new level.

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The Inspiration for ZWCAD+

At the beginning of the interview, Jan took great interest in the inspiration behind the creation of ZWCAD+. Truman Du said, "Our inspiration to create ZWCAD+ comes from our aspiration to satisfy our customers' needs to the fullest extent. The demands from our customers have been overwhelming over the last few years for a more advanced product. They have higher expectations for the next generation ZWCAD."

Furthermore, the higher demand from users has now focused on design efficiency of the CAD product when it comes to dealing with non-stop and complicated tasks. Therefore, ZWCAD+ was created in order to offer users a whole fluid experience. According to Truman Du if users work with ZWCAD+ for a week, 8 hours a day, they will feel the difference between ZWCAD+ and other low cost CAD software.

ZWCAD+'s Advantages Over Competitors

As a CAD veteran who has seen the CAD design market overflow with various products, Jan further drove the talk into the comparison of similar CADs to see what advantages ZWCAD+ has over competitors. "ZWCAD+ is not just a simple upgrade of ZWCAD. The whole software is completely built from the ground up. The new engine ensures even greater .dwg support, better memory control, and code-level API compatibility. It makes ZWCAD+ a better, faster, and more accurate CAD solution," said Truman. "The biggest advantage of ZWCAD+ over other low cost CAD software is the speed in daily operation and while opening large drawings. Let me give you an example. When opening drawings that are between 10 to 50 MB, ZWCAD+ is the fastest. Among all the low cost CAD software, only ZWCAD+ can open and edit drawings that are over 100 MB."

After talking about the advantages of ZWCAD+, Truman Du also shared with Jan what customers think about the product after they've tried it. "Earlier this month, I received an email from an American user telling me how impressed he was to see the fast speed when opening large drawings with ZWCAD+. Also, we constantly receive exciting feedbacks and comments from our users in many countries. They tell us they like our new feature SmartMouse, or thank us for the improvements made to Tool Palettes, APIs and the new user interface, etc. In China, we've also had many major clients who have bought or upgraded to the new ZWCAD+. A garden design company has its 30 designers use only ZWCAD+ in their daily work. These designers have intensive design work to do every day. Now they are more comfortable with ZWCAD+ because it brings to them a fluid and efficient design experience."

ZWCAD+ also features it advanced APIs, (application program interface) which aim to provide users with more customized applications. What surprised Jan the most was that a lot of applications which used to run only on AutoCAD can be ported to ZWCAD+ easily now. According to Truman, "The new APIs are among the most exciting highlights of ZWCAD+. They are called code-level compatible, which means the new APIs allow developers to port their applications to ZWCAD+ with only a few modifications and in much less time. Ever since the release of ZWCAD+ Beta, we have been working closely with a lot of application developers across the globe. After the successful migration of CADprofi to ZWCAD+, we were once again amazed by how quickly more developers ported their applications, including CivilCAD onto ZWCAD+."

ZWCAD Mechanical, the Vertical Solution for Manufacturing

Together with the rollout of ZWCAD+, there was also a vertical solution released, ZWCAD Mechanical. Jan was interested in learning how this application benefits manufacturing designers. Truman Du shared, "ZWCAD Mechanical is ZWCAD+ for manufacturing, and includes all the functionalities of ZWCAD+. With comprehensive libraries of standard-based parts and mechanical tools for design and drafting, ZWCAD Mechanical accelerates the mechanical design process, and helps designers save hours of design and rework. It allows designers to spend more time innovating rather than managing workflow issues. Among many of its highlights, there are local customized enterprise standards and international standards, powerful mechanical dimensioning, a comprehensive built-in Part Library and Part Builder. If you're a ZWCAD or ZWCAD+ user in the manufacturing industry, then I suggest that you give ZWCAD Mechanical a try. You'll be surprised."

There are also plans of providing more vertical solutions like ZWCAD Mechanical, Truman Du explained. Many of ZWSOFT's clients and business partners have expressed their hopes for such a solution. Truman Du continued, "There are thousands of applications based on CAD platforms. ZWSOFT will continue to focus on the CAD platform and provide the best technology, while at the same time cooperating with developers worldwide to bring more vertical solutions to ZWCAD+ that will better satisfy our customers. This is our strategy for the vertical solutions. For ZWSOFT, if there's an excellent developer in a certain field or industry, we will choose to cooperate with them, and recommend their products, instead of creating one by ourselves."

The Roadmap for ZWCAD+

When Truman Du was asked about the future for ZWCAD+ he said, "Our future versions of ZWCAD+ greatly rely on the input and feedback from our users. We strive to fulfill their wants and needs and will try to integrate them into ZWCAD+ 2013 and beyond. For the next version, we will provide more efficient drawing and editing tools to our users in order to help them finish their designs promptly and precisely. We plan to add Dynamic Block support in ZWCAD+ 2013. Also, we will make improvements on the language support for the non-English versions. More micro-innovations like SmartMouse are expected in ZWCAD+ 2013. In further, ZWCAD+ will also preserve and strengthen the compatibility of file format to some mainstream software, for example, the DWG file format. In the future, ZWCAD+ will also support portable platforms like the iPad and Android, as well as integrate cloud-computing technology."

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