iPhone sales helped drive US retail sales in Sept.

The latest version of the Apple iPhone contributed in September to a 1.1 percent jump in U.S. retail sales. Some economists cautioned that the sales bump in September could be reversed in the following month.
Here is a look at how retail sales performed each time Apple introduced a new version of the iPhone and also in the month following each release.
Release Total retail sales in release Month Total retail sales in following month
iPhone 3G, released July 11,2008 Sales fell -0.5 percent Sales fell -0.4 percent
iPhone 3GS, released June 19, 2009 Sales rose 1.2 percent Sales rose 0.3 percent
iPhone 4, released June 24, 2010 Sales fell -0.4 percent Sales rose 0. 3 percent
iPhone4S, released Oct. 14, 2011 Sales rose 1.0 percent Sales rose 0.5 percent
iPhone 5, released Sept. 21, 2012 Sales rose 1.1 percent Report due on Nov. 14.