Analytics-IQ, Inc. Partners with I-Behavior Zipline, I-Behavior's Data Management Platform, to Provide Additional Variables to Enhance Targeting Online

Louisville, Colorado, Oct. 15, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Louisville, Colorado, October 10, 2012 - I-Behavior, the premier provider of database marketing and behavioral targeting services, has entered a strategic partnership with Analytics-IQ, Inc., a data solutions provider offering better targeting and analysis through a suite of products and services. Managing a proprietary database consisting of 1,500+ demographic, psychographic, attitudinal and econometric attributes, Analytics-IQ enhances I-Behavior's rich data universe and targeting abilities through the addition of social, wealth, and response variables.

Analytics-IQ was one of the initial clients to use Zipline - I-Behavior's Data Management Platform, "DMP," created to help brands monetize their data by bringing their offline data to the online marketplace. Keith Johnson, General Manager of I-Behavior Interactive commented, "With Zipline, we helped Analytics-IQ make their offline data available for online display campaigns and are working with them to help build interest in the marketplace."

"I-Behavior's relationships with leading ad networks and demand side platforms have allowed us to extend our product offering to the online advertising community," explains Dave Kelly, CEO Analytics-IQ. "We are very excited about the partnership with I-Behavior and excited to see the results in the upcoming months."

I-Behavior Zipline has on-ramped Analytics-IQ's entire database and chosen 10 of the most relevant segments to make available in the marketplace. I-Behavior utilizes relationships with network partners to help companies such as Analytics-IQ reach targeted audiences and increase the ROI of online marketing efforts and advertising campaigns. Currently, I-Behavior is broadcasting the 10 Analytics-IQ segments through leading media partners such as Media Innovation Group, and 24/7 Media. .

About I-Behavior

I-Behavior provides consumer and business transaction data that helps multi-channel merchants invest marketing dollars more effectively. With I-Behavior intelligence, your online and direct marketing campaigns reach the individuals who are most likely to purchase your products and services, as determined by past buying behavior. I-Behavior's cooperative database includes more than 2,400 data-contributing members and 190 million individuals representing more than $380 billion in online and offline purchases. I-Behavior was acquired in November 2010 and is a member of the WPP organization and part of the Wunderman network.

About I-Behavior Zipline

I-Behavior's data management platform provides the data collection, management, analysis and intelligence to find the patterns, targets, action items and opportunities that brands, agencies and ad networks are looking for online. Zipline works to make large amounts of disparate data available through the online marketplace and monetize your data.

About Analytics-IQ, Inc.

Analytics-IQ is known for the innovation and fresh approach to developing marketing analytics and modeling. The company was founded by industry experts that have designed analytic models for over 30 collective years. The company offers an exceptional product suite supplemented by skilled consulting and extensive training services to help you make the best marketing decisions. Containing a unique combination of over 1,500 demographic, psychographic, attitudinal, and econometric attributes, our database ensures that our products become your best tools for selecting the best target group to achieve outstanding marketing results.


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