Fantasy Football New Company "Fancadia" Gives $2,500 Cash to Their Fantasy Football Winners; Five $500 Cash Prizes Weekly Since 2012 Football Season Began and Members Excitement Continues To Grow for "Fancadia Tuesdays".

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Leesburg, VA, Oct. 16, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fancadia, continues to welcome new fantasy football members to their late draft. Members play for free and/or buy an extra team for $4.99 to win the $500 weekly cash prizes. Fancadia's continually improving the website with enhanced features that have members visiting it often. Especially on Tuesdays, members want to see who has won that week's cash prize, check the Top 100 Teams and see whose in first place for the grand prize of $5000. Fancadia, new fantasy company is handing out cash every week to the surprise of some members that took the chance to play for free because they had nothing to lose and possible money to gain.

Gail and son, Kenan, Saugus Varsity Football player donated to their Football program and won weekly cash prize!

Keehan, week 4 winner just commented, ", it's absolutely legit. I won $500 on there and your first team is free to play, $4.99 after that. I signed up strictly because it was free, so I didn't buy a team or anything like that. I'm only posting this because it really is legitimate and I'm a nice guy, who isn't greedy. It's brand new this year. They take advertising money and use it for cash prizes. I promise I'm just a fellow redditor, and I am only hurting myself doing this, as it is only adding more competition for me. Like I said, I'm not greedy. I already won, and didn't even expect to do that. SERIOUSLY, it doesn't hurt to try, for anybody who does sign up, good luck." (Week 4 winner)

Fancadia started giving out cash prizes to their weekly winners one week after the 2012 Fantasy Football season began. Being a new company, some people were unsure if it was just too good to be true. New members were skeptical if they really could play for free and actually win $500. And, if they did win, would they receive the $500 Cash immediately. "The BSG" Team Week 1 winner was happily surprised when he had $500 cash deposited in his PayPal account after his team points were confirmed.

Cindy, week 2 winner, highly recommends Fancadia. Her comment was "I can't believe I actually won. I signed up to support my son's football league and never thought I would really win the $500 cash but I did!"

Fancadia's "Play For Free" program and Nonprofit Fundraising allows its members to sign up late, be scheduled for a draft and win substantial cash prizes immediately. Members don't have to wait until the season ends to win.

Saugus High School Football member, Gail, was shocked that her team actually won week 3 with the highest points. Gail immediately sent this email to her fundraising parents: "Hi Saugus Families and Friends, Okay… so for $19.96 ($9.98 x 2) I did three things… I donated $10 to Saugus Football (50% of the proceeds), I created 6 Fantasy teams and one of my teams, the Saugus Raiders WON $500 DOLLARS in Fantasy Football. If you have not signed up yet, I will ask you… why NOT? It is past the time to be eligible for the $5000 but you can still enter, donate, and WIN the weekly prize of $500."

If you're already playing with another sports network, play with Fancadia too. It's the only Fantasy Football website that offers real cash weekly without spending any money. For those that want to win quick money, try Fancadia today.

"I'm in another fantasy football league but I thought why not join this new company because, well, it's FREE and I might win $500. Then I decided to buy 2 teams for $4.99 a piece to make my chances of winning even better. Since every week starts over, I'll have 11 more weeks to win $500", Matt, a new member commented.

Fancadia Fantasy Football wants everyone to have the best possible incentive Immediate Cash Prizes!

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