Hercules Announces New Range of Wireless Audio Solutions

NEW YORK, Oct. 16, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hercules, the expert audio solutions designer, is proud to introduce its new Wireless Audio Experience (WAE) product line featuring an innovative wireless audio systems range with four new solutions. The new releases include a portable Bluetooth® device, a made for iPhone®, a high-fidelity solution, an Android® speaker, and a Bluetooth compact solution.

Showcasing innovation combined with sleek design, the new wireless audio products embody Hercules long-standing expertise in and passion for audio technology. What's more, the range offers the perfect holiday gift idea for music enthusiasts, allowing users to find a WAE system tailored to any user's needs.


Hercules' first creation in the wireless range, the BTP02, is designed for smartphone addicts that never leave home without their music library. A fully mobile device, the BTP02 boasts a record-breaking 20-hour autonomy (at medium volume), while its rear grip enables users to take it everywhere, in all circumstances.

Featuring a "Made for iPhone®" certification and offering incredible audio quality and ample range within every user's home, the BTP02 enables you to easily air music files stored on your iPhone or any other Bluetooth device – smartphone, tablet or computer.

The WAE BTP02 will be available in both black and white versions in December, at the suggested retail price of $299.


Music enthusiasts who privilege high-fidelity audio quality over untamed mobility will undoubtedly yearn for Hercules' WBT06. Hercules offers an elaborate audio design that complies with the highest Hi-Fi standards.

The device boasts ample audio power (90 Watts RMS), ensuring perfect, distortion-free listening pleasure. Its elegant design, available in black and white versions, makes the WBT06 blend in perfectly with all home interiors.

Featuring dual wireless technology, the WBT06 is extremely flexible, and turns every music track into pure listening pleasure. The built-in Bluetooth technology enables users to air all the music stored on their smartphone or tablet and any Bluetooth device. The WBT06 also features a "Made for iPhone" certification.

The WBT06, powered by mains, also features a radio-frequency adapter, enabling users to connect it to any computer not equipped with a Bluetooth adapter. This functionality enables users to instantly stream music files stored on their computer, with no software installation required.

The WBT06 system will be available in November 2012 at the suggested retail price of $369.99.


For users who couldn't dream of living without their Android smartphone or tablet, Hercules has designed the WAE BTP05. More than a simple wireless speaker, the BTP05 combines a modern and young spirit with the iconic urban nomad lifestyle, simplicity and a truly fashionable flair.

Featuring a unique and stylish speaker grill, a lacquered white finish, a metalized handle and a touch of sparkling green, this unit will appeal to all fans of the Android OS.

Featuring built-in Bluetooth technology (APT-X), the BTP05 is optimized for Android - speaker controls are accessible via an Android smartphone -, and is compatible with all Bluetooth devices. It offers perfect mobility thanks to its built-in grip and a battery ensuring an impressive 12-hour autonomy (at medium volume).

The BTP05 will be available in late November 2012 at the suggested retail price of $249.99.


The wireless, compact and powerful solution, the WAE BT03 model was inspired by the same design as the BTP05 Android device. Extremely compact, this system ensures even greater mobility measuring only 23.5cm in length.

The BT03 features Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR (A2DP profile) technology, which ensures compatibility with all Bluetooth equipment (telephones, smartphones, tablets and computers). Offering faithful bass restitution, the BT03 also renders medium and treble frequencies with excellent realism. The device offers generous power (12 Watts RMS), while maintaining balanced audio rendition quality to offer ample range for interior use - a noteworthy performance for such a compact system. This is the result of months of audio development and fine-tuning by the Hercules R&D.

Available in three unique colors: lacquered white and green, lacquered black and green and lacquered black and orange, BT03 will be available in December 2012, at the suggested retail price of $129.99.

WAE App for iOS and Android

The WAE App helps manage Hercules speakers equipped with Bluetooth technology, and turns users' wireless music experience into a simple moment of pleasure. Intuitive, user-friendly and rich with ingenious features, the application is compatible with iOS (4.0 and above) and Android (2.2 and above). The WAE App allows users to easily control the speaker's volume and effects, to know the battery level of the BTP02 and BTP05, to listen to the many internet radio apps included free with the application and to adjust the equalizer's settings to perfect their music's tone.

Every time the application is launched on Android, it automatically activates the smartphone's Bluetooth connection, which then automatically connects to the speaker.

The WAE application is included with the BTP02, BTP05, WBT06 and BT03 speakers.

Stay tuned towards the end of the year as Hercules gives fans the opportunity to "find their WAE" with a change to win WAE speakers and other great, surprise prizes.

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