Survey: English ticket prices increase further

LONDON -- The cheapest tickets in English soccer's top four divisions have increased by an average of 11.7 percent since last season; more than five times the rate of inflation.

A BBC survey released Thursday showed the average price of the cheapest match ticket in the Premier League has increased from 24.87 pounds last year to 28.30 pounds ($40.10 to $45.60) this year, an increase of nearly 14 percent. This was in stark contrast to the Consumer Price Index, one measure of inflation in Britain, which stood at 2.2 percent in September.

Newcastle United offered the best overall value in the Premier League for a day out, charging 23 pounds ($37.10) for a ticket, a program, a pie and a cup of tea.

Arsenal continued to charge fans the most. Their most expensive season ticket costs 1,955 pounds ($3,153.65), and the most expensive match ticket was 126 pounds ($203.27).