Audit: MassHealth program must tighten oversight

BOSTON -- Massachusetts Auditor Suzanne Bump is urging the state to tighten up oversight of its MassHealth program.

Bump released an audit Wednesday which found the process for verifying income and residency information may be costing the state millions of dollars annually in Medicaid expenses.

The audit found that in 2010 MassHealth spent $6.5 million on services for more than 4,600 individuals who were later removed from the program because they were receiving benefits from another state, were not Massachusetts residents or their whereabouts were unknown.

Bump recommends MassHealth follow the lead of states like New York, New Hampshire, and California which ask for a driver's license, utility bills or other documentation to prove residency.

MassHealth is a $12 billion program that provides access to health care for 1.3 million low- and moderate-income individuals each year.