Neighbourhoods in Halifax and Paradise Rank Among Canada's Top 100 List

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 19, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A special report by Canada Real Estate Wealth Magazine has uncovered the top 100 investment neighbourhoods in this country – communities most likely to swerve a coming correction.

Seven neighbourhoods in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and New Brunswick have outshone recent housing trend predications and ranked in the Top 100 list including Fairview in Halifax and Downtown Paradise.

"Halifax is always amongst the ranks as one of the best places to live as it has a tremendous quality of life, friendly people, low cost of housing, solid employment growth, and a great east coast maritime culture," says Don MacVicar, President of VERICO Premiere Mortgage Centre.

Although the Bank of Canada is scheduled to make their overnight rate announcement on Tuesday, Claude Sullivan, Owner of VERICO East Coast Mortgage Brokers, says that he does not foresee any increases in the rate for the immediate future and that investors will continue to be attracted to the market based on today's low rates.

"There are no indicators that pressure is being placed on the Bank of Canada to increase their overnight rate, and I expect to see the rate remain as it is, for the next two quarters at least," says Sullivan.

"The opportunity for growth in real estate, coupled with today`s low mortgage rates, make this a very attractive alternative to other investment opportunities such as equity markets. The mortgage rule changes to the home equity credit line limits has indeed made financing more complicated for potential investors and limits the amount of equity that can be accessed easily. However, the investor market in Paradise will remain strong," says Sullivan.

"Paradise is one of the fastest growing towns in Canada and is certainly the fastest growing town in Atlantic Canada. We have the youngest average aged population and is experiencing a housing boom like no other in the province. Paradise's average home prices increased 9.1% in 2011 as compared to the area average of 7.9% and new starts increasing steadily year over year. So this is a great city to invest in!" Sullivan adds.

To navigate the new mortgage rules, MacVicar adds that investors should seek the advice of mortgage professionals. "The rule changes in July have definitely affected the availability of financing, but opportunities are out there with the right mortgage product."

Other Atlantic region neighbourhoods that ranked in the Top 100 list include:

City/Town Neighbourhood Average home price* Capital Growth* Average Rent* Vacancy Rate*
Fredericton Golf Club/Woodstock Road $170,563 2.90% $746 3.80%
Moncton Riverview $150,640 -5.00% $721 5.40%
Saint John Milledgeville $180,000 -2.0 $1,500 8.00%
Paradise Downtown centre $327,774 4.50% n/a 1.20%
St. John's Mount Pearl $280,000 4.00% $808 3.30%
Cape Breton Baddeck $212,500 2.40% $694 4.50%
Halifax Fairview $406,900 3.77% $926 3.20%

*source: Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine Top 100 Report

Extensive industry analysis and statistics were used in this report including population, average home price, capital growth and vacancy rate.

The most comprehensive list of its kind, the Top 100 Neighbourhoods to Invest report was compiled by Canada's leading real estate magazine, Canadian Real Estate Wealth with the support of Verico Financial Group, Canada's #1 Mortgage Broker Network and Re/Max Real Estate.

The results – set to hit newsstands on Oct. 22 – identify the exact locations investors should focus on as a hedge against short- or long-term corrections.

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