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DETROIT, Nov. 12, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Though parts of the East Coast have already been hit with its first snow-storm of the year, soon most of America will walk in a winter wonderland, but driving through it could prove a challenge. Since nothing can dampen holidays like car trouble, shopautoweek.com, a car-shopping website that brings the expertise of Autoweek editors to consumers' fingertips, recommends five steps to winterize your vehicle that will allow you to get where you're going this holiday season.

"In northern climates, prepping your car for winter is as important as getting the furnace checked," said Andrew Stoy, digital editor for Autoweek Media Group. "Breakdowns and dead batteries are inconvenient, but worn tires and dry-rotted wiper blades can endanger you and your fellow motorists."

For cars driven daily, shopautoweek.com recommends checking:

1. Tires. Summer heat plays havoc on tires and tends to wear them more than cold or wet driving. With slippery conditions on the way, make sure to check tread depth so tires are winter ready.

2. Wheel alignment. Improperly aligned wheels mean they will point in different directions. If this is the case, your car is less stable in slippery conditions, increasing chances of a spin, or loss of control in snow or on ice.

3. Transmission fluid. Snow and cold are especially hard on automatic transmissions. If your owner's manual says you're due for a fluid change, now is the time.

4. Wiper blades. These always seem to go during the first snow or at the beginning of a long trip, smearing dirty slush across your windshield. Replace them before that first flake hits.

5. Battery. Cold weather takes juice out of batteries like no other weather does. If your battery is more than a couple years old, have it load-tested by a mechanic, and always keep jumper cables stored in the trunk.

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