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BEDFORD, Mass., Nov. 13, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SoundBite Communications (Nasdaq:SDBT) – Exposure to compliance risk is at an all-time high. Contact centers are operating in an uncertain and tightening national and local regulatory environment, increasing the cost and complexity of doing business. At the same time, consumers are filing lawsuits at a record pace, many times resulting in organizations paying hefty fines.

SoundBite's Compliance Solution Suite helps contact centers mitigate risk by:

  • Preventing prohibited numbers from being contacted: Ensure timeliness of data with dynamic campaign filters, automated real-time suppression, and mobile opt-in
  • Ensuring agents adhere to requirements: Verify that regulations are stated correctly and that client policies are met with 100 percent call recording and monitor-coach-barge control
  • Keeping up with consumer mobility and phone portability: Time zone detection tools, dialing rules and mobile identification ensure proper calling actions during safe contact windows
  • Controlling contact frequency: Set maximum contact attempts within a specified timeframe, including across channels such as voice, text, web and email
  • Managing consumer consent and profile data: Real-time data integration of opt-in, wireless deactivations, and channel preferences with systems of record applications

"The SoundBite customer communications platform significantly reduces compliance risk for accounts receivable management organizations," said Tim Segall, chief technology officer at SoundBite Communications. "By combining advanced contact center capabilities such as multi-channel communications, preference utilization, and over-dialing protection with a suite of built-in tools that enable compliance, organizations benefit from increased control, more cost-effective outreach, better customer experience and greater collections success."

SoundBite's secure cloud platform and rigorous data security practices help clients mitigate risks, ensure privacy, and enable compliance with government regulations such as FDCPA, TCPA, FCRA, the UK Data Protection Act, GLBA, Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA, as well as with many privacy regulations and standards. As a certified PCI level one service provider, SoundBite assures its clients that its security program is both comprehensive and effective.

"Cloud and hosted solutions are being used in more critical and sensitive applications. Larger organizations in particular want to ensure that they satisfy stringent security and reliability requirements," said Brendan Read, analyst at Frost & Sullivan. "Cloud solutions must frequently provide and meet compliance, audits or certification with government regulations and private standards in order to meet the requirements of clients from regulated market verticals."

SoundBite helps its clients manage compliance as new demands are imposed from various regulatory agencies such as the FCC and FTC in the United States, Ofcom and OFT in the United Kingdom, and CRTC in Canada. SoundBite partners with clients to create strategies that enable contact center compliance, resulting in improved efficiencies, lower costs, more outreach opportunities, and greater collections success. Working with consumer groups, regulators and Congress, SoundBite is committed to helping shape the evolving compliance landscape facing the contact center industry, including the upcoming FCC TCPA implementation dates and rule changes.

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