CUSTOMER SUCCESS: Bank of East Asia Streamlines IT Services and Automates Its Data Center With BMC Software

BEIJING, Nov. 14, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Bank of East Asia (BEA China), has implemented BMC Software's (Nasdaq:BMC) Business Service Management (BSM), automating its datacenter and improving its ability to quickly respond to changing market conditions. Leveraging BMC's cutting-edge IT management portfolio, BEA China is able to provide leading services to its growing network of operations in mainland China.

BEA China became the first foreign bank to establish a data center in China in order to provide the robust information and communication platform needed to support its branches.

However, as the bank's data center and network grew, it became clear that the manual operation and monitoring of scheduled jobs was cumbersome and inefficient. To complete a system upgrade, BEA China was facing delays of up to a week. The team was hard-pressed to manually manage and grow the data center as well as handle the flow of service requests from users.

"The large-scale centralization of national banks has required a high level of service from IT to deliver effective and efficient business management, system monitoring and operation and business continuity," said Ho Cheung Ming, CIO at BEA China. "Therefore, we must use BMC's efficient management tools to realize the visualization and process automation of our IT management."

BEA China embarked on a major project to automate much of the data center management.

The bank intended to transform the quality levels in its data center, improve operational efficiency, reduce risk and introduce the IT Infrastructure Library® (ITIL®) framework to support a transition to best practices. These efforts would provide the foundation for BEA China to become an even more competitive process-oriented bank.

"BMC has always been a leader in the BSM field. BMC helps our IT operations and management team to solve problems from a business perspective by quickly locating the IT impact on business and solving those severely impacted IT incidents in a timely manner," said Mr. Ho Cheung Ming.

BEA China is also benefitting from its freshly unified IT service desk approach, which monitors and manages incident alerts, including those that are automatically generated or arrive via SMS, email or phone calls. Service tickets are then automatically generated to align with business priorities. By October 2012, the service desk had achieved an incident resolution rate of over 99.94 percent covering all BEA China's branches and its data center.

Previously, BEA China's bank systems were managed manually and data center staff was challenged to ensure servers were kept up-to-date with security patches and updates. The compliance rate of server configuration was comparatively low. With the BMC BladeLogic Automation Suite solution, server configuration has improved, achieving compliance rates of 90 percent. It now takes just a day to verify the security compliance in the data center.

In the past, IT staff had to identify, diagnose and address issues reactively. Since implementing the BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management Suite in the Shenzhen data center, predictive awareness and proactive control has reduced events down to 14 percent of the previous level.

The BMC Control-M Workload Automation solution also eliminated the human error inherent to manual processes, reducing 80 percent of overall scheduled job run errors and shortening the time it takes to fix run errors by 90 percent. Workloads now consistently run more quickly and on schedule because BMC Control-M Workload Automation tracks dependencies among jobs and adjusts scheduling accordingly. As a result, BEA China data center is able to better serve its business and customers.

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