Lindenhurst's Natural Care Chiropractic Introduces New Staff Member, New Technique

LINDENHURST, Ill., Nov. 18, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lindenhurst chiropractor Dr. Mark Freund has made a new technique available at Natural Care Chiropractic thanks to the addition of its new newest staff member. The clinic now offers Functional Nutritional Assessments to determine a patient's overall state of cellular health, thus enabling practitioners to provide nutritional consulting and other therapies that promote optimal health. The new team member, Katie Moxley, RD, LVN, will work with Dr. Freund in administering the technique to patients. "This is an exciting way for us to enhance our 'whole-person' approach to patient care," says Dr. Freund.

The Functional Nutritional Assessment, or FNA, is administered to help health care practitioners isolate the underlying cause of hard to diagnose symptoms. "A physical symptom such as pain or fatigue can stem from any of hundreds of possible causes," explains Dr. Freund, "but many of these causes only become apparent when we can see what is happening at the cellular level. Malnutrition, sluggish movement of nutrients throughout the body, an unbalanced pH level, or the buildup of toxins can create serious, chronic health problems." He states that FNA makes use of an advanced digital technology known as Solaris to analyze urine and saliva samples from a patient, examining pH balance, oxidation and reduction of fluid, electrical conductivity, and levels of ammonia, nitrate and carbohydrates.

"The results are extremely insightful to a patient's health," says Dr. Freund. "These six values can reveal evidence of kidney, liver and adrenal stress, how well the body is processing proteins and carbohydrates, inadequate cellular respiration and the presence of toxins."

The chiropractor adds that once the clinic has these results, it can initiate proper treatment to correct the underlying disorder. He states, "For instance, we might have to provide nutritional consulting or suggest a specific diet plan to allow the body to detoxify and to restore correct pH levels. We may also employ manual therapy, spinal manipulations or acupuncture to help muscles relax and release toxins, and to improve nerve function throughout the body."

The addition of Katie Moxley to the staff has made this new offering possible. According to the clinic's marketing materials, Ms. Moxley, a graduate of the University of Chicago, has specific training in the digital protocols used in FNA. She will also play an instrumental role in any nutritional consulting and support deemed necessary from the findings of the assessment. "Katie is a highly skilled practitioner and we're thrilled to have her here," says Dr. Freund. "We are confident that FNA fits in perfectly with our holistic, comprehensive approach and natural non-invasive treatment protocols."

In addition to Functional Nutritional Assessments, Natural Care Chiropractic provides spinal adjustments, manual therapy, physical therapy, weight loss and diet advice, acupuncture and other forms of treatment for Lindenhurst residents.

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