New Smile for the Season: Dr. Andrei Mark Performs Teeth in an Hour in NYC So Patients Can Smile Wide With Holiday Cheer


New York, NY, Nov. 26, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Andrei Mark of Central Park Oral Surgery provides the fastest, most advanced techniques in dental implants in New York City, Teeth in an Hour, so patients can enjoy a straighter, brighter, and more beautiful smile just in time for the holiday season! The most recent development in implant dentistry is to place the implant within the same procedure as the dental extraction. Most teeth that need dental implants, and have sufficient jaw bone density, qualify for this approach; if patients qualify, they can enjoy new implants within the same appointment as tooth extraction, minimizing the time of both the procedure itself and recovery compared to traditional techniques.

In many cases, dental implants in New York can be achieved in as fast as an hour. This speedy version of dental implants is known as "Teeth in an Hour," "Teeth in One Day," or "Immediately Loaded Implants." During Dr. Mark's frequent lectures on this procedure to dental groups, he finds that many of his colleagues are not aware of the latest technologies available to patients; this concept of immediately loading implants is not fully understood by the general dentist. There are numerous patients that turn to Dr. Mark for consultations after they were told that their particular case would require several years-worth of procedures and multiple surgical visits to complete. When Dr. Mark tells them that Central Park Oral Surgery can pretty much finish their work in a few hours, with the final dental revision anticipated a few months following their initial procedure, they have a hard time believing such a feat is possible.

The science behind this advanced dental implant approach is overwhelming. After extraction the mandibular bone is preprogrammed to fill-in the extraction socket, so by placing an implant in an extraction socket, two things are allowed to happen simultaneously: one, the placement of implants and bone maturation, and two, the normal healing process of an extraction socket. When the extraction socket is larger than the size of the implant, the remaining space will be filled with bone grafting material in order to allow bone bridging between the outer surface of the bone and implant. This process of integrating an implant with living bone is known as Osseointegration.

Osseointegration has been studied extensively for the last 30 years, and it has been validated in thousands of studies. Osseointegration can be achieved by placing a piece of titanium into bone and keeping it immobile for approximately 3 months. The science of dental implants, however, is the easy part to achieve. The art of dental implants is the ability to envision the final result and achieving that vision through various advanced surgical procedures. In these current and technologically advanced times, such procedures can make the dental implant process easier, faster, and more predictable than ever. To reach that point, an oral surgeon must receive extensive training and experience thousands of implant procedures.

Dr. Andrei Mark's specialty is dental implants and his preferred technique is full mouth reconstruction with extraction of marginal teeth. Rather than placing a denture, which most patients have difficulty tolerating, he can fit patients with an immediate-fixed roundhouse bridge connected to the 6 to 8 new implants. This procedure allows patients who come to Central Park Oral Surgery with loose teeth to walk out with a fixed, beautiful smile without ever wearing dentures. Dr. Mark has mastered the ability to combine the science and art of dental implants, so patients can enjoy both high function and beautiful results.

When a famous sculptor was asked, "How do you know how to make a sculpture," he replied: "I look at the material, and I take away everything that is not sculpture." In the same way that a sculptor sees the sculpture out of a piece of raw material, Dr. Mark sees a beautiful and functional smile proportionate to the patient's face by studying the patient and the three-dimensional x-ray of their bone. Then, by combining his vast experience and creative intuition, he takes the image that forms in his mind and delivers that to his patients.

Dr. Andrei Mark has received numerous testimonials from satisfied dental implant patients who have successfully had Teeth in an Hour in NY over the last five years. You too can enjoy Dr. Mark's artistic skill and surgical precision in time to smile wide with holiday cheer this season! If you are interested in finding out more about Teeth in an Hour, Teeth in One Day, or Immediately Loaded Implants in NYC, call Dr. Andrei Mark of Central Park Oral Surgery at 212-813-0707, e-mail him your questions at , or request an appointment online to speak with Dr. Mark during a personal consultation.

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