Bowie & Jensen's Pamela Riewerts Expands Firm's Patent Practice

Pamela Riewerts

Towson, MD, Nov. 26, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bowie & Jensen, a leading business law firm, is pleased to announce that Pamela Riewerts is expanding the firm's patent services. Ms. Riewerts will be providing patent services that focus on patent application drafting and prosecution and the enforcement of patents in a variety of technologies.

Ms. Riewerts is a registered patent attorney in the Bowie & Jensen's intellectual property group.

Ms. Riewerts is a registered patent attorney in the firm's intellectual property group. Her practice focuses on helping clients obtain and protect patent rights in the U.S. and abroad. She also has extensive experience in patent, trademark, copyright and related litigation and joined Bowie & Jensen after handling complex business and corporate litigation matters for large New York City and Washington, D.C. firms.

Ms. Riewerts' patent litigation experience includes advising clients regarding a variety of technologies, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, electronic methods and devices, computer hardware and software, business methods, and other technologies. She has used her engineering degree and background to work closely with technical experts to prepare reports for use at trial and she has experience conducting intellectual property due diligence and analysis evaluations. Ms. Riewerts' sophisticated patent litigation experience will greatly enhance her ability to counsel clients engaged in the patent process.

Her patent services include:

Patent Drafting and Prosecution. Ms. Riewerts drafts patent applications to protect clients' interests, and works to efficiently advance applications through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and foreign patent offices.

Novelty Search. For businesses or inventors considering whether to begin the patent process, Ms. Riewerts searches for preexisting patents ("prior art") before drafting an application. Knowing what prior art exists is beneficial to the client. Sometimes, she finds very little prior art close to clients' idea and can write a broader application on the clients' behalf. In other instances, she may find that the invention already exists or that there are similar inventions in the art. In these cases, it is cost effective for the client to be aware of existing prior art up front. The right answer may be not to file an application or to design around similar features.

State-of-the-Art Search. Ms. Riewerts reviews and evaluates patents and other literature to identify industry trends, competitive advantages, and competitor disclosures. Businesses rely on Ms. Riewerts for this kind of research and analysis for numerous reasons, including evaluating a market to decide whether to enter it, identifying potential competition and reviewing a technology looking for entry points.

Clearance Search. Also known as a "freedom to operate" search, Ms. Riewerts evaluates clients' inventions against enforceable patents in order to evaluate and reduce risks for litigation that may ensue.

Patent Portfolio Analysis. Businesses that create or acquire patents often end up with a collection of intellectual property assets. Over time, it can be difficult to identify the strength and value associated with these assets. Ms. Riewerts evaluates intellectual property assets, including patents, identifies opportunities and risk factors, and develops a management strategy for the future.

Licensing. Ms. Riewerts negotiates and structures profitable licensing agreements between patent owners and those who seek to use the patented technology.

Litigation. Ms. Riewerts is well prepared to represent clients' best interests in disputes over patent rights. Ms. Riewerts assists clients in clarifying their ultimate business objectives. Litigation is essentially a competitive tool that may ultimately ensue. Ms. Riewerts also evaluates the merits of letters alleging infringement, and negotiates resolutions to nascent disputes. In addition, she also plays the opposite role in rendering an opinion that a competitor is unfairly asserting rights against clients.

"Pamela adds a new dimension to our IP services, allowing us to be a full-service IP firm, and making us a one-stop shop for clients in technology and related fields," said Mike Oliver, who leads the firm's IP practice. "Her patent litigation experience is an added bonus, allowing her to anticipate many potential patent issues. We are excited to welcome her to the IP department."

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