VetAdvisor Fields over 50,000 Veteran Contacts in 2012

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Falls Church, VA, Nov. 27, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With the conflict in Iraq concluded and American engagement in Afghanistan winding down, the more than two million Americans who served in these wars are now managing their reintegration into civilian life. VetAdvisor®, the nation's experts in veteran-centric holistic care, has provided high-tech, high-touch services to American's veterans since 2007, and in 2012 will have managed over 50,000 veteran contacts, offering coaching in behavioral health, wellness, finances, and career management.

"The number of veterans who have turned to VetAdvisor® coaches to help manage their reintegration demonstrates the way we understand and are dedicated to serving our community," states Jennifer Roseman, Vice President of VetAdvisor® Services. "Our coaches, 70% of whom are veterans themselves, have more than 300 combined years of military experience. Veterans know they can trust us to assist them in all aspects of their transition and career development."

VetAdvisor® services aim to prevent reintegration issues from arising, to provide motivational intervention for those issues that the veteran has identified, and to educate the veteran in order to provide him or her with the knowledge necessary to engage available resources. This personal touch model leads to Navigational Advocacy: the ability to identify, engage, and solve.

The VetAdvisor® interactive platform incorporates personalized goal setting and high-tech biometric and social feedback, coupled with real time high- touch personalized coaching. This solution drives greater veteran engagement, productivity, and workplace retention. VetAdvisor® comprehensively supports veterans with complex conditions by fostering a culture of emotional wellness as part of a holistic health strategy.

VetAdvisor® services are currently contracted by both the Department of Veterans Affairs and the US Army, by Veteran's Courts, and by EAPs and other private organizations. For more information, visit

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About VetAdvisor®: VetAdvisor® provides proactive preventative care to military veterans, supporting them throughout their journey by managing behavioral health, wellness, financial, and employment issues. We also consult with corporate HR and management teams to teach organizations how to recruit, retain, and interface with military veterans and service members. For more information, visit

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