American CryoStem Corporation and XeoStem LLC Complete Adipose Stem Cell Processing and Tissue Banking Agreement

EATONTOWN, N.J., Nov. 27, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- American CryoStem Corporation (OTCQB:CRYO), a leading biotech company in the Regenerative Medicine industry, announced today that it has entered into an agreement with XeoStem LLC of Coral Gables, FL in which CRYO will provide its proprietary adipose tissue processing and storage services. The initial agreement allows XeoStem to market CRYO's adipose tissue platform, stem cell processing services, patented products and banking technology for tissue grafting and "bio-insurance" purposes to their patients and groups of physicians.

"American CryoStem's proprietary platform is designed to service individual physicians and large physician networks like XeoStem offering Regenerative Medicine services. We continually strive to work with leading medical professionals and organizations developing cellular therapies and related services," stated John Arnone, CEO of American CryoStem. "This is one of many strategic opportunities to leverage our technology and augment our direct to consumer and physician marketing efforts."

Additionally XeoStem operates a dedicated management company, XeoStem MD, for recruiting and training physicians on the latest tissue transfer techniques, banking and adult stem cell applications. Under the agreement, all XeoStem branded services will include the tagline "Processed by American CryoStem."

"XeoStem incorporates the latest web technology, print, social media marketing techniques and educational seminars to facilitate access and adoption of our services," stated Dr. Abuzeni, CEO of XeoStem. "We are focused on the overall patient and physician experience, and have developed web-applications specifically designed to inform our network concerning the latest Regenerative Medicine advancements."

About XeoStem: XeoStem, LLC was founded by Dr. Patrick Abuzeni to deliver adipose tissue and stem cell services and practical knowledge to patients and affiliated physicians. XeoStem believes that stem cells have the potential of transforming the future of medicine in cosmetic, orthopedic and disease management applications. XeoStem has partnered with American CryoStem, a leader in processing and biological banking of Adipose (fat) tissue and Adult Adipose Derived Stem Cells to provide the highest quality, reliable and economic adipose tissue and stem cell processing and storage.

About American CryoStem: American CryoStem Corporation (OTCQB:CRYO) is a leading biotech company focused on marketing its clinical processing services and patented products for adipose (fat) tissue and adipose derived adult stem cells. Our clinical tissue processing, patented cell culture media products and tissue storage platform supports cosmetic and Regenerative Medicine applications being developed globally. The Company provides high quality, clinically processed viable cells, while at the same time developing cutting edge applications, therapies, patented laboratory products and services for consumer and commercial applications.

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