Revealed: Price Target for the S&P Year-End


Price target for the S&P year-end will be 1,600.

This courtesy of "the secret trader" in Colorado, the S&P year-end price target for 2013 will be 1,600. Long-time viewers know this guy has been dead-on all year.

S&P will be up 12 to 15 percent.

This prediction comes from one of the most on-target portfolio managers I know. Not far off from prediction number one. Easy money around the globe will be the major catalyst.

New York Jets ownership will be up for grabs.

As the New York Jets franchise continues in disarray, season ticket holders will stop showing up to football games. As a result, this will force Woody Johnson, NY Jets owner, to rethink his ownership of the team. Longtime fans hope Mark Cuban is the buyer.


This from my most connected DC visionary. We go over the fiscal cliff. Tax policy continues to be used for class warfare, and Hillary Clinton clears the field for her 2016 Presidential run—during 2013.

Bank of America will part ways with Merrill Lynch.
Although my prediction last year was a bit premature, it will ring true in 2013. BAC will do one of three strategic options below:

  • Take Merrill Lynch pubic via an initial public offering.
  • Monetize Merrill Lynch value through a strategic partnership.
  • Do an outright sale of the entire company.


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