Murfreesboro Chiropractor Promotes Effective Alternatives for Natural Pain Relief

MURFREESBORO, Tenn., Dec. 2, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Stanlick Chiropractic, a wellness center serving Murfreesboro, TN is raising awareness about the benefits of chiropractic care for natural pain relief. Dr. Mitch Stanlick says that chiropractic adjustments are effective at managing pain because they address the underlying cause. In contrast, prescription painkillers can only mask the symptoms of pain. By correcting the underlying mechanical misalignment, Dr. Stanlick relays that chiropractic adjustments provide long-term relief for chronic back and neck pain.

Murfreesboro chiropractor Dr. Mitch Stanlick is educating patients about the benefits of natural pain management. According to Dr. Stanlick, chiropractic adjustments are more effective than medication for managing chronic pain.

"Prescription painkillers provide a temporary relief for patients because they never truly address the underlying cause," said Dr. Stanlick. "These medications numb the brain's ability to sense and process pain, while the underlying injury remains. Consequently, patients enjoy temporary relief, but as soon as the medication wears off, the pain returns."

Dr. Stanlick stressed that this temporary pain relief can make life nearly unmanageable for many patients. It can be difficult to sleep at night, focus on work during the day, and play sports or exercise.

"Medication is a temporary treatment, not a long term solution," said Dr. Stanlick. "Back and neck pain is caused by a mechanical misalignment in the spine. As long as this misalignment persists, so will the pain. Adjustments work by correcting the underlying problem, which provides long-lasting relief."

The treatments offered at Stanlick Chiropractic are completely drug-free and non-invasive. They are an effective alternative to dependence on medication or invasive surgery. Dr. Stanlick reports that many patients suffer pain due to a herniated disc in the lumbar spine or cervical spine. Depending on the disc's location, this pain may be accompanied by soreness and stiffness in the muscles, a restricted range of motion, and chronic headaches.

"Pressure on the nerves is the primary cause for pain in our body," said Dr. Stanlick. "For example, if a disc in the lower back slips out of alignment and compresses the sciatic nerve, patients will experience sciatica. In addition to back pain, patients feel radiating pain in the legs and buttocks. Adjustments relieve pressure on this nerve, restoring the disc to its proper position."

In addition to adjustments, corrective exercises may also help provide natural back pain relief. Under Dr. Stanlick's supervision, these exercises bring movement and coordination back to the body.

"As a chiropractor, my first priority is to provide patients with effective neck and back pain management," said Dr. Stanlick. "This is best achieved through a combination of adjustments, along with complementary treatments like massage or corrective exercises."

Since 2004, Stanlick Chiropractic has been providing natural pain relief to the Murfreesboro, TN community. Services include spinal adjustments, sports rehabilitation, auto accident injury treatment, and massage therapy.

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