Concord Veterinarian Raises Awareness About Importance of Preventative Care in Pets

CHICHESTER, N.H., Dec. 2, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Concord area veterinarian Dr. Kevin J. Mara is reminding pet owners about the importance of preventative care for reducing the risk of illnesses in pets. Routine wellness exams allow veterinarians to monitor a pet's well-being, detecting the underlying signs of illness before a pet's health is severely compromised. Vaccination boosters also provide protection against highly-contagious illnesses, including rabies and distemper. The animal hospital also provides pet dental care and spay/neuter services.

Central New Hampshire Animal Care is raising awareness about the benefits of preventative care for animal wellness. According to the animal hospital, preventative care can significantly reduce the risk for illness while improving a pet's overall quality of life.

"Our animal hospital follows a proactive approach to pet care," said Concord area veterinarian Dr. Kevin J. Mara. "Rather than waiting for a pet to show signs of illness, our animal care team actively works to prevent the occurrence of illness in the first place."

The veterinary clinic offers comprehensive preventative care services, including wellness exams, vaccinations, animal dental care, and spay and neuter operations to reduce the unwanted animal population.

Dr. Mara recommends an annual wellness exam for all pets. During this visit, he performs a full physical exam, conducts any necessary diagnostic testing, and tests for parasites. The veterinary clinic will also confirm that pets are up to date on all necessary vaccinations, including rabies.

"A yearly wellness exam is an important opportunity to check in on a pet's health," said Dr. Mara. "Diagnostic blood work sets a baseline for future tests and helps us identify an underlying problem before a pet's health is compromised. A fecal test is also important for determining whether a pet is suffering from parasites. Some parasites can live for months inside a pet before obvious symptoms appear. Early diagnosis allows for prompt, effective treatment."

During the wellness visit, Dr. Mara will also talk with a pet's owner about the pet's nutrition and daily at-home care. Dr. Mara says he is passionate about educating pet owners and empowering them to provide the best possible wellness care.

"Pet owners want the best for their animals," said Dr. Mara. "Educating them about seasonal care and nutrition helps empower pet owners to provide the highest quality at-home care."

"While many pet owners realize that oral hygiene is important to their own health, they don't realize that it matters for pets, too," said Dr. Mara. "Dental cleanings help stop the buildup of plaque from along a pet's gum line. Removing plaque reduces the risk for periodontal disease, bacterial infections and tooth loss – three oral health problems that can severely impact a pet's well-being."

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