Natural Pain Management in Vancouver Gains Popularity Thanks to Chiropractic Adjustments

VANCOUVER, Wash., Dec. 2, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Back and Neck Care Chiropractic in Vancouver, WA is raising awareness about the benefits of natural neck and back pain management. According to chiropractor Dr. Michael Pettet, managing pain with natural techniques is an increasingly popular treatment choice amongst patients. Chiropractic care is an effective, non-invasive alternative to traditional medical care. Dr. Pettet recommends spinal adjustments for drug-free pain management.

Vancouver chiropractor Dr. Michael Pettet is educating the public about the benefits of naturally managing pain. According to Dr. Pettet, the practice's pain management techniques are increasingly preferred to traditional medical care, including pain medication.

"Patients increasingly prefer our treatments because they address the underlying cause for pain, rather than simply masking pain with medication," said Dr. Pettet. "The fact is, as long as a mechanical misalignment persists, patients will experience pain. It's that simple. Chiropractic adjustments correct this misalignment, bringing proper alignment back to the spine and supporting whole body health."

As an example, Dr. Pettet refers to an injury which may lead to pain when a herniated disc compresses nearby nerves. If the disc compresses the sciatic nerve, then patients suffer from a chronic condition known as sciatica. Radiating or numbing pain sensations characterize this condition.

"In the case of sciatica, as long as the sciatic nerve is compressed, patients will continue to suffer from pain," said Dr. Pettet. "Chiropractic adjustments create space in the spine, which helps restore a herniated disc to its proper position. This, in turn, relieves pressure on the sciatic nerve."

Dr. Pettet says that many patients who suffer from joint or spinal pain benefit from regular adjustments. The practice frequently helps to manage pain for patients struggling with neck and back pain, migraine or headache pain, knee pain, and other conditions.

In addition to natural pain management in Vancouver, Dr. Pettet also provides sports injury rehabilitation and massage therapy.

"Our injury rehabilitation team is committed to helping patients get healthy as quickly and safely as possible," said Dr. Pettet. "Through a combination of spinal adjustments and therapeutic massage, we can provide immediate natural pain relief while also promoting the healing process."

Therapeutic massage provides natural pain management by increasing the level of endorphins in the body delivering effective pain relief without medication.

These treatments also promote the flow of oxygen-rich blood throughout injured soft tissue. This helps to reduce inflammation that triggers chronic neck and back pain while speeding a patient's recovery.

Dr. Pettet is a certified sports physician and chiropractor. He treats patients from Cascade Park, Fishers Landing, Orchards, Salmon Creek and Camas, as well as throughout Clark County.

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