Domm's Scorecard: 2012


Stocks gained: A

As of early December, the Dow in 2012 has made single-digit gains and the S&P and Nasdaq are up double digits. Stock pickers could have seen much bigger wins. Even Apple is still up more than 40 percent for the year, despite its losses, and the financial and consumer discretionary sectors are up more than 20 percent.

The economy looks half full, yes. A

And it still does.Washington provided lots of uncertainty in 2012, dampening confidence and holding back economic activity.

Politicians are acting as I expected. A

They're raising the anxiety level before, during and now, after the election. Let's hope they change.

Occupy Wall Street was a much quieter movement than I expected. C

I thought there would be a much bigger and active public display.

China was a game changer but not quite as I described. B-

Its currency has risen, but it has not been as big a broker in Europe as I thought it might be. Its focus has been more inward with the change in leadership.

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