Changes We Hope You Don't See team works to launch new CNBC content management system.
Adam Jeffery | CNBC team works to launch new CNBC content management system.

We've made some major changes here at over the weekend. And if it went as well as we think it did, you'll barely notice anything.

In the guts and underbelly of every website is a content management system. It's the way articles, slideshows, videos, and other doodads are uploaded and organized. Well, we rebuilt ours.

The change is mostly about improving our production process; implementing better ways to get our news and features in front of you — whether it's by desktop, smartphone, tablet, or whatever futuristic Etch-a-Sketch comes down the pike.

Our site will be as rich and deep as it has always been. The look of some pages may change a bit as we created a more streamlined architecture. And here and there some old features may have disappeared. Don't worry, they'll come back. We just have to do a little more hammering and tinkering to get them ready for prime time.

There may be some glitches we haven't anticipated as we start using this new software. We apologize in advance if that's the case. As always you can drop us a note if you want to let us know about any particular issues. But, like I said before, we hope you won't notice a thing.

—By Managing Editor Allen Wastler