Bravo Signs Agreement With Water-For-The-World-Manufacturing Inc.

NEW YORK, Dec. 3, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bravo Enterprises Ltd. (OTCBB:OGNG) reports that the Company has signed an Exclusive Licensing Agreement with Water-For-The-World-Manufacturing Inc. of Wellpinit, Washington with respect to its commercial atmospheric water harvester system.

Water-For-The-World-Manufacturing Inc. is a leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of water from air systems known as Air-to-Water Harvesters that extracts moisture from the air through a dehumidification process then filters and purifies the water for consumption. The company has developed a unique air drive system that will enable the machine not only to be powered through a conventional power source but also in emergency situations the machine can be powered directly from an engine using its patented drive system. The atmospheric water harvester can produce up to 3000 gallons of drinking water under optimum conditions.

Water-For-The-World-Manufacturing Inc. has appointed Bravo Enterprises Ltd. as its exclusive worldwide manufacturing and sales representative for the consideration of 120,000,000 restricted common shares of Bravo Enterprises Ltd.

Max Rajewski, President of Water-For-The-World-Manufacturing Inc. stated, "We are very excited about the opportunities that Bravo has to offer the company which will enable us to introduce our products to the marketplace on a global basis. Never before in history has water being such a valuable commodity. We are looking forward to a long and beneficial relationship with Bravo."

Jaclyn Cruz, President of Bravo Enterprises Ltd. further stated, "Safe drinking water is fundamental to healthy lives and prosperous communities. Every person needs 20 to 40 liters of freshwater per day for drinking, cooking, and sanitation needs alone. These innovative Air-to-Water Harvesters are so technically sound yet environmentally friendly, i.e. no more plastic bottles, that the Company felt that the opportunity to become the exclusive licensee was just ideal for all concerned. This project will bring significant value for our shareholders."

About Water-For-The-World-Manufacturing Inc. (WFTWM):

WFTWM is a company domiciled in Wellpinit, Washington that has developed and tested commercial water generating equipment for a number of years. The company has proven concept and developed a production model exclusively for the generation of water for human consumption.

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Jaclyn Cruz, President

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