Covisint Details Evolution of Cloud-Based Health Information Exchanges: From Technology-Driven to Purpose-Driven

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DETROIT, Dec. 3, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Covisint, a Compuware (Nasdaq:CPWR) company, today announced that it has published a new whitepaper titled: "The Growth of Health Information Exchange: The Jump From 1.0 to 2.0." This free resource for healthcare delivery and administration professionals outlines the evolution, growth and future of health information exchanges (HIEs). It also illustrates how changing payment models and ongoing patient needs demand that "islands of care" transform into networked communities of collaboration.

"HIEs hold a unique position in the evolving HIT ecosystem to support the shift to actionable data," said John Stanley, Principal, Impact Advisors. "The integration of independent-but-cooperative organizations and information systems place HIEs in the position to be mutual gateways for data management and workflow integration."

At every milestone in healthcare technology coordination, the goal has remained constant: better care delivered at a better cost. Increasingly, the paper argues, the reality for reaching this goal is more about workflow and communication enabled through open, secure, cloud-based health exchanges where competitors and cooperators coexist and, in fact, all benefit together.

"Success happens when organizations share information in a way that improves care transitions while also protecting business and patient interests," said John Haughton, MD, MS, Covisint's Chief Medical Information Officer. "Shared, open exchanges do precisely this, with cloud-based technology helping assure privacy and proprietary information while also allowing competitive organizations to share and reduce the costs."

The whitepaper shows how 1.0 HIEs, particularly the publicly funded ones, made modest improvements, including improved care workflows, communication between facilities and in patient care, yet had tactical challenges with consensus, access and a sustainable growth plan. The move to HIE 2.0 -- driven initially by the success of private HIEs -- dramatically changed this through cloud-based platform-as-a-service technology, offering easy-yet-secure access to centrally stored, affordable and actionable information across multiple networks.

"We are at such a unique convergence of technological sophistication, pent-up patient demand, increasing physician willingness and a receptive political environment to transform healthcare in ways beyond our imagination even a few short years ago," said Steve McDonald, Covisint Vice President for Healthcare. "Secure cloud engagement is the answer to improving care delivery and reducing costs by addressing how clinical, financial and administrative data flows between previously 'siloed' entities."

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