Universal Entertainment Announcement Regarding Filing of Litigation

TOKYO, Dec. 4, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Universal Entertainment Corporation (hereafter referred to as the "Company") hereby announces that today, the Company and its parent company Okada Holdings GK, have jointly filed litigation seeking partial compensation for damages (hereinafter referred to as "Litigation in Question") against Thomson Reuters Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Thomson Reuters") and its reporter and editors due to being subject to defamation, damage to credit and other harm as a result of articles pertaining to the Company posted by Thomson Reuters. Details regarding this matter are as follows.

1. Court with which Litigation was Filed and Date of Filing

Tokyo District Court December 4, 2012

2. Parties Filing Litigation (Plaintiffs)

Universal Entertainment Corporation

(1) Location: 3-7-26 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan

(2) Representative in litigation: Jun Fujimoto, Representative Director

Okada Holdings GK

(1) Location: 3-7-26 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan

(2) Representative in litigation:

Okada Holdings Limited, Representative Partner

Takashi Usami, Operational Executor

3. Opposite Parties of Litigation Filed (Defendants)

Thomson Reuters Corporation
Kevin Krolicki
Ian Geoghegan
Nobuhiro Kubo

4. Description of Litigation and Amount of Claim

(1) Description of litigation

Partial compensation for damages pursuant to Civil Law, Clause 709 and 710.

Deletion and discontinuance of distribution of pertinent articles, and posting formal apology advertisement

(2) Amount of claim

200 million yen in total (Part of the total amount of damages in approximately 19.2 billion yen)


Universal Entertainment Corporation: 100 million yen

Okada Holdings GK: 100 million yen

5. Future Outlook

While it is unclear at this stage what impact the Litigation filing of the lawsuit will have on the Company's business results, the Company will promptly disclose any revisions of business results forecasts made necessary by developments in the Litigation .

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