Used Stewart-Glapat Adjustoveyors Extendable Conveyors Equipment Availability Alert: Models 2065T24FB Fixed Base & 2065T24SP Transversing

WINTER SPRINGS, Fla., Dec. 4, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- has just listed new inventory of Used Stewart-Glapat Adjustoveyors Extendable Conveyors Models 2065T24FB Fixed Base & 2065T24SP Transversing. is a manufacturing equipment provider that specializes in manufacturing solutions at affordable costs using secondary market equipment. has just listed Used Stewart-Glapat Adjustoveyors for sale in its equipment inventory. The of the equipment are models 2065T24FB Fixed Base & 2065T24SP Transversing. The adjustoveyors are listed for sale at the following prices:

  • Cost of these units New from Factory is $60,000.00 each.
  • Pre-Owned Price: $19,000.00 for one unit.
  • Two unit price: $18,000.00 each
  • Price on three or more units: $17,000.00 each

Twelve units available Belt Powered Extendable Adjustoveyors. These specialty conveyors extend to 65' with retracted length of 20′, triple boom extends to 45′ beyond the fixed main section, the belt width is 24". These units are all in good working condition and available immediately. Units currently located in Mid-West USA and will be in our Louisville, KY warehouse in July. Buy now and save $$$. Call 866-306-1898 for a consultation or visit

The Model # 2065T24FB Telescoping Cantilevered Extendible Belt Conveyor is designed for installation on a truck loading and/or unloading dock. The Conveyor is complete and ready for operation upon delivery, requiring only anchoring of the fixed main section to the dock floor and connection to an electrical supply outlet by certified electrician. All parts of the conveyor are standard commercial products. The component parts of any one conveyor are interchangeable with corresponding parts on any other conveyor of the same type. The design and construction of the conveyor ensures safe, efficient and economical operation under normal operating service conditions and meets the applicable safety requirement of the American National Standard Association publication B-20.1 and the National Electrical Code, publication NFPA No. 70, 1984. All exposed parts of the Conveyor are guarded to prevent injury to personnel. Sharp corners, edges, braces and trim are rounded to prevent injury to employees or damage to clothing or your product. The Conveyor is grounded to prevent shock to personnel operating the conveyor, and the forward end of the conveyor has a safety plate so movement of the boom will stop automatically if the boom contacts the operator, product or any resisting object. The conveyor requires only one operator and utilizes push-button controls for all motion functions. The conveyor is capable of conveying cartons up to 60" long x 30" wide. The belt speed of the belt at all extensions of the telescoping boom in either the load and/or unload direction is 90 feet per minute. The extending and retracting speed of the telescoping boom is approximately 30 feet per minute at all boom extensions with the belt stopped or running while continuously loaded. The operator is able to stop the boom extension or retraction at any intermediate position. A brake on the telescoping boom drive holds this position against the reactive force of loads on the belt. IT IS RECOMMENDED TO RUN THE BELT WHEN EXTENDING OR RETRACTING THE CONVEYOR BOOMS TO PROMOTE BELT TRACKING.

BestFlex Extendible Conveyors

BestFlex expandable gravity conveyors with wheels available in excellent condition at less than half the price of new.


(2) 24" x 18' to 55' Gravity $1,800.00 each

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