1-800 We Answer Call Center Provides Emergency Call Support for Hurricane Sandy Victims

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New York, Dec. 4, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 1-800 We Answer Call Center provided crucial around-the-clock answering service and call center support for thousands of businesses and individuals devastated by Hurricane Sandy. They continue to aid recovery and relief efforts for longtime clients and new client accounts who activated service during the hurricane and in the days that followed.

During its peak, 1-800 live operators worked up to 18 hour shifts to receive calls and dispatch priority messages, even giving clients email messages by phone.

"Thank you so much for being there when it mattered the most. My offices were closed for over a week and my direct lines of communication were down… I had no power, no phones, no internet, no email. Your company was the only reason I was able to maintain contact with my vendors and ensure my business stayed operational throughout the storm's aftermath", said one grateful client.

As the storm was bearing down on the coastline, Robert Porter, President and CEO of 1-800 We Answer, mobilized his managers, technicians, and customer service representatives. He was committed to providing accommodations for any employee who could not travel so they would be able to work. Hotel rooms were booked to accommodate staff so an adequate number of operators would be available to ensure that 24/7 emergency support was available for all clients. Shuttle buses were hired to transport dedicated employees from their homes to office and back again.

1-800 We Answer has proven its reliability over a 45 year period of sustained customer service excellence. Porter commented, "Business trust us to keep them connected to their clients and patients at all times. It was imperative that we develop a strategic emergency response equal to the difficulties that were predicted by the media. I had to ensure that my team was in place to provide for any contingencies that might arise. "

1-800 We Answer's comprehensive team training programs are integral in serving the business community effectively in extreme situations. Interactive live operators answer emergency call overflow quickly, forward messages and patch calls to key people and on-call physicians.

The equipment systems at 1-800 We Answer have advanced technological capabilities which support emergency response communications efforts. Essential features include data storage redundancy with a secondary battery supplies, secure servers, and high volume capacities.
The importance of outsourcing communications requirements has become increasingly evident in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Businesses that implement a communications contingency plan in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency can protect their stability and growth from the detrimental effects of lost communications. 1-800 We Answer employs live operators whose focus is dedicated to the uninterrupted flow of business communications - even under extraordinary circumstances.
In light of the catastrophic events of Hurricane Sandy, 1-800 We Answer is reaching out to the business community and providing them with important information; resources and free consultations on surviving a natural disaster or other emergency. They expect to expand services to a wider scope of businesses for survival and rapid recovery.
Please call Rob Porter 212-868-1121 today or email rob@weanswer.com to schedule a free consultation or set up service to ensure your communications are protected in the event of any emergency.

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1-800 We Answer, Inc. is a business services company that provides call center service to a nationwide list of client companies. The Company has developed a network of call center locations that share in the 1-800 We Answer commitment to delivering personalized, professional support to each client project. Successful additions to the core call center operations mission have included inbound and outbound telemarketing services and telephone market research support. 1-800 We Answer's complete menu of business support services focuses on providing telephone answering, call center, virtual office and phone system services to businesses, government agencies, and universities nationwide. Please contact Robert Porter , President/CEO 1-800 We Answer on 212-868-1121

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