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POINT RICHMOND, Calif., Dec. 4, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Why spend needless time shopping online when you can "pop" on something online? That's the philosophy behind

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"When I see something I like, I act quickly, or 'pop' on it," says Ishak Kang, the site's co-founder. "Many people are like me, and that's why our business is all about removing barriers to the shopping experience. We're combining real time customer acquisition and social video, adding incredible value to our clients."

Kang and the site's co-founder, Brad Weisman, recently brought this concept to Kiva and their Packing Genius™ System. Visit the site and the first thing you'll see is a demo video of Kiva Designs' luggage, which lets customers pack a full two weeks' worth of clothing and accessories into a single upright carry-on. The video, produced by Popr, shows exactly how Kiva's stylish and innovative solutions accomplish this feat.

"Imagine all the items a businesswoman typically needs on a two-week trip," says Weisman. "She'd probably require two or more large bags, which she'd have to lug around and check before boarding each flight. The Genius System eliminates that."

What it can eliminate, specifically, are airline baggage fees of roughly $20 to $25 per bag. For a corporate road warrior, the savings from Kiva's system would add up quickly, but the convenience factor would be nearly priceless. As an extra feature, Kiva's luggage is made from 100% recycled fabric, equal to 20 pounds of plastic water bottles.

For Kang and Weisman, that's much more than an afterthought. The two entrepreneurs come from the worlds of video game merchandising, sporting goods and outdoor adventure and share a healthy respect for the environment. Indeed, Popr ( merges the adventurous spirit of the Outdoor industry with the tech prowess of Silicon Valley.

It's no mistake that the company has also produced a promotional video for Kenneth "Hap" Klopp, the founder of The North Face apparel giant. Klopp now leads the data visualization company Obscura Digital, advises multiple technology companies, and has authored a noted leadership volume called Conquering The North Face (

"We're Hap's disciples, in that we feel a healthy corporate culture, like the one he instilled at The North Face, makes all the difference in growing successful global brands," says Kang. He and Weisman want to market innovative products that are loved by experts in a customer-friendly manner.

"In Kiva's case," says Weisman, "we have a direct relationship with the manufacturer, and we give their customers one focused opportunity to buy this extremely high-quality luggage. Our value proposition as web marketers is based on this relationship, not on volume or variety. And our approach is scalable to companies of any size."

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